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The “headache” faced by the directors of the Early Childhood Centers (CBEs) and day care centers is “exacerbated by the shortage of staff”, families who can take less vacation than usual and stricter health rules that require public health.

“I have a good understanding of the reality [des parents] », Matthew Lacombe says he will take his son to CPE in the morning, but” it is not true that problems built in ten years can be solved in a few weeks “.

The minister assured that he has asked the direction of public health whether any relaxations in health activities should be planned in the coming months, while we are announcing such relaxations for the start of the school year from the beginning of this year to the university.

Photo courtesy of Jax Poseinode, Canadian Press

Minister of Families, Matthew Lacombe.

A “crisis” in the family environment

Matthew Lacombe also acknowledges that family daycare services are facing a “crisis” against which he proposes a recovery plan on Thursday. Every year, since 2014-2015, more than 4,000 sites on the network are lost on the web due to the expulsion of academics, he explains.

“It’s like being closed for 364 weeks, the equivalent of one big baby care center per week. […] This is important. This explains the significant improvement we have seen in the 0-5 year old waiting list, ”the minister said. The most recent report puts the number of children waiting on this list at 51,000.

Seven years ago there were 15,607 family child care providers in Quebec. Lacombe recalled. Today there are 11,121. According to him, this eviction is explained by insufficient income and red tape.

On the question of the income of those responsible for these childcare services, he agrees that his government could have done more. But “this conference, we signed together […] I want to believe that when we sign an agreement, it is because both parties agree that we have achieved the best possible outcome, ”he pleaded.

As for the red tape, Mr. Lacombe acknowledges that his department needs to find a “balance” that will not always be achieved, when an analyst counts ” Blasters First aid kit ”, or one day when the maintenance manager has to pay for the phone with a cord. “I’m not been like that for a few years,” he says.

Financial benefits

To slow the closure of home childcare services, Quebec is releasing $ 200 million over five years, first and foremost providing $ 3,000 a year in financial assistance to those responsible for these childcare services currently on the network. Six locations throughout the year.

Then, with the help of an assistant, the government provides financial assistance of 000 6,000 to those who provide nine seats instead of six. The Minister says that these two sums are total. So in a manager’s income, 000 can be more than 9,000.

Finally, the Family Minister adds a 500 3,500 financial incentive for people who want to join the network and start a family day care service.

Matthew Lacombe estimates that with this project, 22,000 new locations could be created and that the number of departures of family and child care providers could be halved, with the net presence in the network within three years. 7000 new places.

Earlier in his order, the minister promised to create 15,000 additional seats in the day care network by the October 2022 elections. This confirmation has not been updated.

Late notice

According to Liberal Family Spokesman Mark Tangwe, “Today’s announcement is positive, but it’s too late.

“Is she going to solve the childcare crisis on her own?” The answer is no. If the family minister really wants to solve problems in child care services, he must first acknowledge that there is a crisis. Since the CAQ came into power, the waiting list for a place in childcare has increased to more than 51,000, which is the CAQ’s record. A negative balance, ”he said.

“We are seeing major service breaks due to the lack of trained staff. The Minister has promised to train 2,400 academics. However, we already know that more than 10,400 will disappear in three years! It will not work! The working conditions of academics need to be improved. Negotiations are currently underway, CAQ said. We have to get a real salary, ”said Mr. Tangue.

“Service breakdowns, we’ve seen them come for a long time. When the minister told the parents to be patient and trust him to create places, he could not even provide service to the places where he was. How can we trust him when every day that passes without improvement in the conditions of academics shows that he has no urgency to address the deficit? The CAQ must stop blaming others for this problem and understand that it is up to them to solve it, ”said Christine Labrie, MNA of Quebec Solid.

“Despite our warnings, the government had to hit the wall, and the family minister should see to it that the bricks are piled up before he recognizes the crisis. What the minister is announcing today, we made a formal request to him several months ago. This is a move, and we hope it will make a difference,” he said on Thursday. PQ member Veronica Hivon responded.

“We need a comprehensive plan to deal with the deficit, we need to catch the massive salaries. Without educators, any announcement about new places will be like sand castle risks collapsing and Quebec’s parents will pay the price again. With our childhood network in Quebec there is a real gem to go back 25 years. It is time for the government to realize this first, ”he added.

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