October 3, 2022


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Sheila Rojas: 'Talking ass ...' calls her live, 'Leave me lame if not next' |  Performances

Sheila Rojas: ‘Talking ass …’ calls her live, ‘Leave me lame if not next’ | Performances

They did it again. The comedy show, hosted by Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna, is called Sheila Rojas Live and bids farewell to be part of the final movement of the place to reward the follower. The ex-warrior did not even think about what they would ask her.

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In this last test, Sheila Rojas had to reject the show with a different phrase so that a spectator, a Venezuelan citizen, could take 3,000 soles in cash.

“What a miracle! What a surprise! Victory call Sheila Rojas said in response to a call from George Luna. The model was willing to cooperate so that the fanatic Juicy could receive the prize.

TROME | Sheila Rojas calls ‘crippled’ live (Video: YouTube)

Sheila Rojas got it all

“We have a Venezuelan friend who is going to thank you. All you have to say is, ‘Even the speaking Huvadas has come, and whoever does not see Huvadas speak must leave me lame.’. That’s when the program is over and the friend takes the money, ” he said George Moon.

Sheila Rojas agreed, and the entire Connaught Theater exploded with applause and shouts. “Speaking Huvadas has also arrived. Anyone who does not see Huvadas speaking must leave me lame, next”, he said.

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Huat speaks … they troll Jonathan Mycelo

Jonathan Michelo was in the audience of Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna’s “Hablando Huat …”, however, he did not imagine that they were going to troll him.

“What is the name of the company, the restaurant it goes out to ?, George Luna tells Michelo that he responded immediately, after which he shouts: “I pinch *, already?”.

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