No one has ever spoken so beautifully about the Holocaust.  This movie is so intense that it's exhausting

Why did the US-American War break out in the first place? Garland never says this outright. However, the front line currently runs through Charlottesville, and the current president has been likened to Gaddafi, Ceausescu and Mussolini. These are such clear references to the recent history of the United States that they would also be legible in our geographic latitude. It is immediately clear what and who the director and screenwriter are against. What does he want to tell the American people before the next elections? He certainly does not take the position of a neutral observer, although “Civil War” deals with objectivity to some extent. “We're just there to document other people's questions,” the famous war photographer, the main character, says in one scene.

Lee and journalist Joel intend to interview the president. The mission seems impossible, as freedom of the press is not allowed in the capital and its representatives are shot before any questions are asked. On this suicide mission, the heroes are accompanied by “What's Remains of the New York Times” reporter Sammy and budding photojournalist Jessie. Together they set off from New York to Washington, so the direction of travel that embodies the West from classic Western films is maintained. But instead of celebrating American values, Garland shows their decline.

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