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“Fuks 2”: Stuhr, Musiał, Gajos, Pazura and Sawczuk in the continuation of the popular comedy. Poster premiere!


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When in 1999 “Fox” When it entered Polish cinemas, no one expected Maciej Dutkiewicz’s film to become a cult film. Fans of the production have been waiting for the past 25 years for the continuation of the story of the handsome, romantic and intelligent Alex (who plays an unforgettable role). Message Store). Now the legend returns.. “Fox 2” It will be in theaters on January 12.

Introducing the first production poster!

“It’s not a direct continuation. It’s a different story that runs separate from the Fox plot.” Of course, We are referring to a certain convention and atmosphere known to viewers from years ago. “The main characters of ‘Fuks’ have become supporting characters and support the younger generation,” explains director and screenwriter Maciej Dutkiewicz.

“We can say that “Fuks 2” is partly a reverse story to “Fuks”. This movie was about the hatred between father and son, this movie is about the friendship and love between them. He adds: “This inverted relationship is what connects these films.”

I wanted to show generational changeWhich has happened over the past 25 years. The hero, who was a son, must now be a father other than his father, in a different reality. However, contrary to what one might assume, in “Fox 2” it is not the father saving his son. The opposite is what happens. It’s a short story. In addition, I also wanted to highlight the female characters in this film. All this to show how women rule this world and how they sometimes manipulate men. “They’re the ones pulling the strings,” Dutkiewicz adds.

The cast of “Fuks 2” includes actors known to viewers from the hit film from years ago – Message Store, Janusz Gagos And Thomas Didek. As the director emphasizes, it was not necessary to convince any of them to play in a show of gangster comedy. Immediately after reading the script, everyone agreed to appear on “Fox 2”.

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