“Twilight” will return as a series!  Stephanie Meyer, author of Literary Paradigm, was involved with the project
If you are a fan of shiny vampires, we have good news for you. Lionsgate Television is working on a TV series adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight.

What do we know about the TV series adaptation of “Twilight”?

series based “twilight” at an early stage of development. According to a source cited by The Hollywood Reporter, Stephenie MeyerThat is, the author of the literary form, he must take part in the work on it. At the moment it is known what function it will perform.

I will write the script Sindad Daliwhich in his resume contains productions such as “get off”And “Dirk Jalili’s Total Detective Agency” whether “raised by wolves”. There are currently talks about the nature of the adaptation – whether it will be faithful to the books Stephenie MeyerOr tell the story from a new perspective.

“Twilight” phenomenon

Twilight is a series of novels written by him Stephenie Meyer. The first one was released in 2005. Three years later, z Kristen Stewart And Robert Patterson championship. Check out the trailer:

Seventeen Isabella Swan He moves to a bleak town in rainy Washington state and meets a mysterious, handsome man Edward Cullen. The boy has superpowers – he is irresistible, but it is also impossible to detect him. The girl is trying to find out his dark secrets, but she does not realize that she is endangering herself and her loved ones. It turns out that she fell in love with a vampire …

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