March releases are impressive.  You can’t miss this series!

The first two months they were sequential… it wasn’t bad! Yes, that is probably the best term. We were not bored, but there was certainly no situation where it was difficult to choose what to do. Indeed, every fan of this genre of pop culture should find something for themselves – maybe even a few of these “stuff”, but the truth is, there just wasn’t enough to satisfy. Well, we couldn’t even talk about the harvest.

However, you know, to paraphrase a well-known proverb – The earlier in the year the better. And the month of March seems to confirm this, because in terms of premieres on streaming platforms, it can be really good. Of course – for some, the last month was better, and there will be those who will generally be dissatisfied with the first trimester. However, I hope there will be something for everyone in the coming weeks!

However, there is something to look out for. If the upcoming developments, returns and continuations live up to the expectations imposed on them, We definitely won’t get bored. So, without further ado… I’ve put together a list of the top ten releases of the month just getting started. I encourage you to browse through the ones that are simply worth watching. To an extent, to a degree!

The Mandalorian – Season 3 (March 1) – Disney+

In this case, I should probably write in the past tense, because the final season of the popular series from the Star Wars universe just premiered today. And I don’t think it makes sense to add anything. If you enjoyed the first two seasons, you will likely enjoy the third season as well. However, if you’ve recovered from this climate, I don’t think the recent episodes can convince you. In my opinion – it’s worth it.

Perry Mason – Season 2 (March 6) – HBO Max

Berry returns after nearly three years! And that’s great news, because we’ll be back in the sweltering 30s of the last century, where we’ll be able, along with the talented lawyer, the titular Mason (played by the excellent Matthew Rhys), to fight cases that will shake the entire world there. The first season went very well, so I hope the next season will raise the bar even higher.

You – Season 4, Part 2 (March 9) – Netflix

I don’t like to divide seasons into parts, but as soon as the second series debuts, I quickly forget about it and am glad that everything is still ahead of me. This is also the case with the series “You”, which tells the story of a sociopath stalker who will do absolutely anything to make the person he loves stay with him forever. Well – or at least so that no one else gets it…

Outlast (March 10) – Netflix

Although not much is known about this series at the moment, it promises to be really interesting. Everything will be realized in the form of a reality show, in which a group of people eager for survival will try to survive as long as possible in Alaska – of course, in complete wilderness. There is a big cash prize for the winner, but to get it, you will have to overcome your hurdles.

Gotham Knights (March 14) – The CW

When it comes to adaptations in the DC universe, for which The CW is responsible, you are likely to find as many fans as there are opponents. This time around, as has happened in many cases (like Legends of Tomorrow), the filmmakers will be facing off against the Gotham Knights. And this theme is so new that just a few months ago we got a game based on similar themes. It’ll be different in the series, but… comics fans should give it a shot.

Ted Lasso – Season 3 (March 15) – Apple TV+

I won’t even try to avoid bias here. This is the series I’m most looking forward to in March. And it will probably be difficult for me to appoint one that I look forward to more in the first half of 2023. The previous two seasons have been excellent in every sense of the word, and you don’t even have to be a football fan to appreciate how well they have carried out all the themes they set out to do. . Nice!

Shadow and Bone – Season 2 (March 16) – Netflix

If you sometimes miss a simple youthful fantasy that you borrowed from the library as a kid to transport to other worlds for the evening, Eric Heisserer’s series is something like that. It is useless to seek out subjects aimed at mature viewers, but even this will be satisfied if they approach it as an entertaining production bordering on fantasy and drama.

Induction (March 17) – Apple TV+

In the middle of the month, a collection of stories will appear on the Apple platform about how changes on our planet, which, unfortunately, are constantly in progress, can affect the world around us. Taking into account the trailer, it can be concluded that it will not be a pleasant production that will present an idyllic version of the future of humanity. I expect strong bouts that often put pressure on the stomach.

The Night Agent (March 23) – Netflix

An exciting series from Sony that does not stop working? It can be really fun! The production will focus on an FBI agent who isn’t actually anything special – even a low-ranking one. However, when one day, while working in the basement of the White House, he receives a mysterious phone call, he is involved in a conspiracy that will not be easy to unravel. And who can threaten him not only.

Succession – Season 4 (March 26) – HBO Max

I don’t think I need to invite you to the Season 4 premiere of this excellent series, do I? Definitely one of the best productions of recent years and a series that must be watched at least once in a lifetime (well, or at least give it a shot). The excellent drama about the Roy family, whose members fight for influence, will get another chapter. Will the differences end this time? We’ll see…

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