"Elif" - this will happen after the weekend at the show.  Soulless Kiymet returns and plots of land [24.10.21]

In the upcoming episodes of “Elif”, Malak will be a victim of violence in prison. Mahir does his best to get her off the rails. But at the same time he hides his mother so that it is not clear that she is behind the plot. Meanwhile, Kim leaves the hospital – much to the chagrin of the imp who fears the woman will abuse him again. What else will happen in the series “Elif”? Recaps of episodes that will air at the end of October and beginning of November 2021 are available at the show.

Watch the video: Tastes of Kujawy and Pomerania Season 3 Episode 23

Life in prison for a king is not easy. Fidan, who heads the prison hierarchy, tortures and starves her. Soon there will be an attempt to kill a king – Vidian will want it all to look like suicide. Maher arranges legal assistance. Elif misses her mother very much. Cruel Kiymet, after leaving the hospital, will do everything in his power to make the girl’s life more difficult.

Read what’s going to happen on the Elif series in the next two weeks:

TVP broadcasts 1 The next season of the series “Elif”.. In the previous villain – Tariq was arrested and imprisoned. Unfortunately, Hümeyra paid a heavy price for his crimes and intrigues – she lost her pregnancy.

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