Alexander Lukashenko on the war in Ukraine: The situation is ripe for peace talks

In his speech to the media on Thursday, the President of Belarus referred to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine for more than two years. Alexander Lukashenko He stated that “on the Ukrainian front “There's a dead end.” – According to the Russian news agency TASS.

According to the authoritarian leader of Belarus, “the situation is ripe for peace talks.” Lukashenko suggested that the basis for negotiations on the Ukrainian war may be the results of the so-called Istanbul Convention As of March 2022, in the first weeks after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Lukashenko proposes negotiations. He also mentioned Poland

Lukashenko also warned of a potential “apocalypse” if Russia uses nuclear weapons. Russian President Vladimir Putin Western support for Ukraine could encourage this. Russia warned that this would make Ukraine's foreign allies a party to the conflict, TASS reported.

The Belarusian president also accused the West of continued control of air and space activities in Minsk. – He told reporters that Belarus detects up to 50 Western spy planes weekly near its borders.

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He also added that it was close to the border with Belarus “About 120,000 Ukrainian soldiers were deployed.” Lukashenko was quoted by the Russian RIA Novosti agency. According to the politician, “possibility Accidents On the Belarusian-Ukrainian border is very high.

Lukashenko announced that Belarus has moved out of the eastern Vitebsk region the West She added that “several brigades are on high alert.” TASS.

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However, the President of Belarus added this Poland should not expect “aggressive actions.” From Belarus.

Russia talks about “futility.” Zakharova: Ukraine is prolonging the conflict

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said Maria Zakharova The Ukrainian president announced on Thursday that any talks on ending the conflict in Ukraine are meaningless without Russia's participation.

She then referred to the conference scheduled to be held in June in Switzerland.

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Zakharova also mentioned this The “peace formula” of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskywhich calls for the complete withdrawal of Russian forces from all captured territories, does not bring peace closer, however prolongs the conflict – Reuters reports.

Switzerland announced last April that it would host the event Two-day conference On June 15-16, custom Achieving peace in Ukraine. Russia has announced that it will not participate, and the Kremlin has previously stated that the idea of ​​holding peace talks without its participation is ridiculous.

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