The airport registration took a hit on the network.  Employee arrested: 'Absolute disgrace' - O2

A wave of critical comments erupted over Qantas’ baggage handler. All because of his brutal transfer of bags from the plane to the trailer.

The registration was successful on the network

The man was photographed on Sunday, November 6, as he was unloading his luggage from a plane at Karratha Airport in the Australian region of Pilbara. He carried out his mission with marked disappointment and brutality. The recording shows that he is throwing the bags with great force and does not think to damage them and their contents. Some bags even fell from the trailer as a result of the employee’s reckless behavior.

The incident was published on social media on Rohan Alan’s personal Facebook page on the same day. The controversial video immediately attracted a crowd of unhappy travelers. An eloquent comment appeared below the video – “This is what Qantas Baggage Handling in Karratha looks like.”

Critical comments inundated

Internet users do not utter words and post comments under the video material. This is not surprising, because the behavior of the airport employee leaves much to be desired.

“Absolute shame,” “What a joke!” , “No respect for someone else’s property. They do not deserve this job and I hope they will be fired” – we read in the post. “And I was wondering why my luggage came back broken,” “No wonder my suitcase recently smashed into the wheels” – others complain.

A Qantas spokesperson responded to the case She was informed that the man contracted by the transport company would be released.

Qantas said we are disappointed with the behavior shown in the video and have raised it with our ground handling contractor for urgent action.

Source: The New Zealand Herald

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