Aid from the United States to Ukraine.  There is a decision from President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden signed the aid bill for Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel, meaning the US will allocate nearly $61 billion to Kiev's package. Several hours ago, the Senate supported this.

Represent Saves US$60.8 billion. Military and economic support funds Ukraine26 billion for armament Israel Humanitarian aid to the Palestinians and 8 billion to buy weapons Taiwan And enhancing security in the Indo-Pacific region.

Aid from the United States to Ukraine. Joe Biden signed the bill

– We now support Ukraine to stop this Russian President Vladimir Putin He said he was against dragging the United States into a war in Europe in the future Joe Biden During his speech after signing the law. -This is a great day for world peace. He added, quoted by Reuters: “I know that Ukraine has the desire to win.”

He added that he would now do everything in his power to ensure that the aid package reaches Kiev soon. -We have to move fast- He confirmed. He also announced that the United States would “literally within a few hours” begin sending equipment to Ukraine.

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In addition, the law includes a number of powers that can be enforced Additional sanctions on Iran and RussiaProvisions authorizing the president to allocate Frozen Russian assets ($4-5 billion) to aid Ukraine and a bill to force the Chinese owner Tik Tok To sell the application within 12 months.

The Senate supported the Ukraine package, and Joe Biden did not hesitate to sign it

We reported this previously The US Senate approved the aid package on Tuesday morning. Which means that the bill headed to President Joe Biden's desk.

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In the Senate of the US Congress 79 senators voted “for” and 18 voted against. They included three Democrats critical of Israel and 15 Republicans who called for immigration restrictions to be included in the bill.

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