War in Ukraine.  The Russian army and the shortage of soldiers.  They even recruit Ukrainians

New information about the occupation activities carried out by the authorities of the Russian Federation Illegally occupied areas Provided by the Ukrainian Center of National Resistance.

Problems for the Russians in the occupied territories. They even recruit Ukrainians into the army

In its latest report, the organization wrote about incidents that occurred in several towns in the Kherson region, where The Russians distributed special leaflets. The text appealed to them: Ukrainian population in the region For joining the ranks of the occupation forces of the Soviet Union.

The report’s authors openly admit that the Russians are trying to “buy” potential new recruits, offering them to serve in Russian uniforms. High and stable salary.

As the Center for National Resistance reported, citing information from the Ukrainian underground, the Russian “proposal” is unpopular among Ukrainian civilians. The occupier was supposed to find a way to do this, because – as we read – in some cases, they are Ukrainian citizens.”They are also forcibly recruited“.

The text indicates that there is “the so-called recruitment of Ukrainian citizens” into the occupation forces A clear violation of Article 51 of the Geneva Convention Concerning the protection of civilians during war. We read in it that the occupying force cannot do that Forcing or pressuring civilians to serve In the armed forces. Anything is also prohibited AdvertisingWhich aims to “encourage” people to voluntarily join the ranks of the occupation army.

War in Ukraine. The Russians are recruiting Ukrainian civilians into the army

It is worth emphasizing that the new reports issued by the Center for National Resistance only confirm that the Russians are constantly confronting smaller or larger forces Employment problems They do a lot to avoid another one at all costs A general mobilization wave.

In turn, at the beginning of September, British intelligence reported that the Russians were trying to mobilize for war Foreigners and economic migrants. We were talking about people mainly from… Middle AsiaThose who came to Russia for work purposes, but also those who remain in their countries of origin.

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