After the meeting of the authorities of Türkiye and Germany.  Topics include the situation in the Gaza Strip

– We are talking about 13 thousand children, women and elderly people who were killed – the Turkish President said during the conference. Moreover, the Gaza Strip almost no longer exists, and everything has been destroyed to the ground, noting that a “two-state solution within the 1967 borders” seems necessary to stop the conflict in the Middle East.

Erdogan called on the German government and President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to work with Turkey to reach a ceasefire in Gaza. He also accused Israel of “holding Palestinian hostages.”

Continued article below the video

– Mr. President, it is no secret that we have very different views on this conflict. That is why our talks are important, especially in difficult times, we need a direct conversation with each other – “Israel’s right to exist is indisputable for us,” Schulz told Erdogan, recalling the German government’s position.

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