Changes to Google Wallet Payments on

The team has decided to change the way Google Wallet payments are handled on ROMs. Details here.

What changes?

  • In beta versions, which are released weekly, Nothing will change. We will add the latest Google Wallet payment fixes there as previous fixes stop working and new fixes become available. Therefore, Google Wallet should work on this branch of the ROM without issues in most cases.
  • In stable versions, Google Wallet payments are by default They won’t work. We will remove the fix we have used so far – Rebuilding 50 ROMs every time Google changes something in Play Integrity is inefficient and we can’t do it forever. This will allow you to load Magisk and the modules that enable Play Integrity to function properly (np. PlayIntegrityFix), thus paying via Google Wallet, which was not possible with the previously used solution.

Beta versions of HyperOS will be released this weekend with working payments and stable builds of will be rebuilt without working payments.

In the near future, we will provide a guide on how to install Magisk and the module to get working payments on the stable versions of

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