Premier Szwecji Magdalena Andersson (fot.  PAP/EPA/JESSICA GOW)

Sweden’s Prime Minister, Magdalena Andersson, of the Social Democrats, conceded her defeat in the parliamentary elections on Wednesday night. After converting 99 percent. Votes, the right-wing bloc has 176 seats, and the left-wing bloc, the Workers’ Party-Social Democrats – 173 seats.

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“Tomorrow (Thursday) I will resign as Speaker of Parliament,” Anderson said, referring to the incomplete election results released by the Elections Office.

c.She added in a press conference that he will remain at the head of the outgoing government until the formation of the new government. Then she announced that she would lead the Social Democratic opposition.

And theAndersson emphasized that if opposition candidate Ulf Christerson of the moderate conservative Liberal Coalition fails to form a government, she is ready to form a majority. Then the Social-Democracy must persuade one of the right-wing parties to cooperate.

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After converting 99 percent. The conservative-liberal moderate coalition party (19.1%) won the right-wing bloc votes, the anti-immigration Swedish Democrats (20.6%), Christian Democrats (5.3%) and the Liberals (4.6%). ).

Andersen expressed her dissatisfaction with the outstanding record of the Swedish Democrats, who had become the second largest party in parliament and would influence the new government. – Many fear that they will be the target of attacks. She said I share that opinion.

Labor – The Social Democrats lost power after Sunday’s election, despite winning 30.4 percent of the vote, up more than 2 percent. Compared to the previous elections four years ago. However, other groups collaborating with the Social Democrats fell short of expectations. The Center Party (6.7%), the Left Party (6.7%) and the Green Party (5.1%) won.

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