Affordable restaurant in quarter DIX30

Beginning of the school year. “Boom.” This strong word evokes both the smell of nostalgia that takes us inside late summer and a return to routine that frankly feels good. After months of rest and relaxation, the daily structure that comes with the obligatory expenses that are both beneficial and necessary, and inevitably squeeze our already tight wallets, straightens everything out.

Let’s take another month lightly! A month of sunshine and festive food. Thanks to the Labonté family, which will open an affordable menu at four of its beautiful Group Tix30 restaurants throughout the month of September.

Children, let’s go to the restaurant!

Before fall, you should have seen my kids’ faces when lunches started, sudden trips were rare, bedtimes were early, the fridge was emptied, and leftovers were rediscovered. : “Finally, we’re going to the restaurant!” Not too big, but very exciting.

Theater Cafe

Andréanne Caron-Labonté, director of corporate development and special projects for the Labonté family, made this transition possible with the project La retour des chefs. A real godsend for customers at one of their four establishments and it allows you to go to a restaurant with coconuts without breaking your budget.

The cost reality for restaurants is no less difficult than for families, and the experience they offer until the end of the month seemed surreal to me. So, let’s talk about the price for sure. At each of their restaurants, La Tomate Blanche, L’Aurochs Steakhouse-Salle à manger and L’Aurochs Steakhouse-Espace, you can enjoy a three-course family menu for $45. and restaurant Le Café du Theater Brasserie Française, Beware, $40 for lunch and dinner with two courses, dessert included. And Punch: A Selection Vino At half price. Let me tell you, here we are talking.

Affordable restaurant in quarter DIX30

White tomatoes

Encore SVP, m’man!

We indulged in a tour of the Grand Dukes, where the flavors overwhelmed us. How can I say harvest season is my favorite! I can’t get over the zucchini and tomato cream. I would have taken a dozen mason jars to take out.

As a rare meat eater, I opted for the classic roast beef with mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables and mustard sauce, hoping not to share my meal. Fail… My kids were eating off my plate. That didn’t stop him from rolling in duck tagliatelle with a judicious mix of mushrooms and chanterelles, cherry tomatoes, little weights and generous slices of mozzarella.

We ended up playing our game, Musical Plate, where everyone tasted their dessert, chocolate cake, chocolate fondant and cheesecake. Let’s take advantage of it.

Affordable restaurant in quarter DIX30

L’Aurochs Steakhouse

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