Abrams tanks for Ukraine.  Politico: Delivery in early fall

09:25 The American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported in its latest report that according to the assessment of the Ukrainian military, artillery systems provided by NATO with a range of 30-40 km allow the destruction of Russian systemsThis forced the Russians to move their artillery away from the front line.

09:17 In the city of Kurchatov, in western Russia, which is located near the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant, there was an attack by two drones. Reuters reported on Friday, citing statements from the authorities of the Kursk region. They confirmed that an administrative building and a residential house were damaged.

08:47 Military exercises of the post-Soviet Collective Security Treaty Organization kicked off in Belarus on Friday; Ukrainian commanders were ordered to strengthen the defense of the border with Belarus This was stated by General Serhiy Naif, Commander of the Combined Armed Forces of Ukraine, on Friday.

08:00 The Ukrainian Armed Forces are scheduled to receive the first 10 of 31 US Abrams tanks in mid-September. The machines are still undergoing recent renovation work in Germany Politico reported, citing Pentagon officials and other sources who requested anonymity.

The portal reported Thursday evening that when the work is completed, the Abrams tanks will be shipped to Ukraine.

“The United States is committed to accelerating the shipment of 31 tanks to Ukraine by the fall,” Martin O’Donnell, spokesman for the US Army’s Europe and Africa Command, told Politico. He declined to provide specific dates.

Western officials hope that when the Abrams arrive in Ukraine, they will help its military gain the advantage it needs to penetrate Russian defenses during a grueling counterattack, Politico reported.

The Pentagon reported on August 7 that the Abrams tank manufacturer had delivered the last of the 31 combat vehicles purchased to Ukraine and that it would arrive in the country in early fall.

US President Joe Biden announced the decision to send Abrams to Ukraine last January. Originally, delivery was expected to take more than a year, but the deadline was shortened at the request of the Ukrainians, who agreed to receive refurbished older versions of the machines, the M1A1, instead of the originally planned M1A2.

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