Two sisters in the lead: one is a finalist in “La Voix” and the other shines in “Les Producteurs”.

Frédérique Cyr-Deschênes, sister of the finalist the voice Maude Cyr-Deschênes had to replace a musician at short notice ProducersLast Sunday.

Directed by Serge Postico and starring herself in the show, Sophie Caron, who shoulders several roles, literally injures herself and is forced to take a break.

Maude Cyr-Deschênes is a finalist in the 10th season of “La Voix” and the sister of Frédérique Cyr-Deschênes in the musical “Lesproducers”.


Frédéric, 27, had already substituted for the lead role of Ulla, played by Marianne Orlovsky, and attended shows to prepare for any event she was called upon at the last minute.

However, it is complicated to the extent that he has to learn lines other than Frederic Ullah's, as the injured actor portrays several peripheral characters, including choreography. For example, she plays an old lady, a lighting designer and a judge, to name a few.

Frédéric, who studied musical theater at the Collège Lionel-Cruelx, had to roll up his sleeves – exposure “This scenario must happen» gets its full meaning here – and he achieved a real tour, for which the whole team helped him. Like her sister Maudie, she acted extensively in the theater in her youth, an experience that served her well under the circumstances. That means there's talent in this family!

In fact, the young woman was to attend the same event on Sunday afternoon with her parents. They wanted to kill two birds with one stone when their eldest daughter participated in a trans-disabled event. the voice.

Finally, Frédérique did not sit with them on stage.

“I was called on Saturday evening and the whole troupe came home early Sunday morning to practice with me. We rehearsed a few scenes and kept our fingers crossed for the rest. But it went well,” said Frédéric, who last fall replaced an actor in an Acadian play with two weeks' notice. Had to. Les Remuglesat the Théâtre Denis-Pelletier in Montreal.

“It's really a team show, and it's fun. Everyone helps me! If I go to the wrong place, someone takes my hand and leads me to the right place.

“I looked, I noticed, but I don't think I'll replace Sophie, the lowest speed in that series, it's only 4.e A representation made by us. I've never done procedures and costume changes and all that, so it was a special experience. I'm happy with what's going on for me, but sad for my friend Sophie. She is really nice Producers», described Frédérique in an interview with the QMI agency.

After Sunday's show, the group has three days off. Media premiere this Thursday. “I'm going to be in survival mode again tonight, but I know you can't break the bike and go for it, you have to be in the present moment and be there for other people, don't overthink. My summer dramas seem to be paying off for me,” noted actress and host Frederic.

Needless to say, the Cyr-Deschênes experience strong emotions the voiceIt's Frederic who can crown Maud this Sunday, now shining on stage Producers.

“We can't wait to find out if Matt wins! It's a great experience,” said his older sister.

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