Want more uncompromising games for adults?  The creator of Ni No Kuni wants to create something like this

Level-5 Studio is known for creating games that can be described as “family friendly.” However, its founder has greater ambitions.

Level 5 has been in operation for over 25 years. During this time, the studio created brands such as Inazuma Eleven, Rogur Galaxy, and Ni No Kuni.

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Although the studio's productions are different, they have some common features that allow each studio title to be described as “family friendly.” It turns out that this situation doesn't quite suit the studio's founder, Akihiro Hino.

The head of Level-5 recently gave an interview to DenFaminicoGame, in which he revealed why he founded the studio.

I didn't want my bosses to tell me what to do, I wanted to do what I wanted, especially RPGs which I loved.

However, the dreams of the Creator do not exactly match reality. So, when Hino's friend Goichi Suda, known in the industry by the alias Suda 51, joined the conversation, he decided to confess. It not only complements the developer's work, but also reveals Akihiro Hino's true ambition.

The creators who can release such world-leading titles are amazing.

If I had to put it in extreme terms, I would go so far as to say that I want to make things like erotica and 18+ violent games. There is an “unnatural world” inside me but I try not to go there, instead I do things from the right side of my mind. But deep down I really want to visit it.

I want to get into it and I think I definitely will. When I feel like Level 5 is stable and I have the space to do what I want… I'll do it.

Goichi Suda supported his friend's idea. Well, he said the Level 5 adult game would not only be interesting, but revolutionary as well.

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