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Exatlón México All Star is betting to delight its thousands of fans, who have been on the rise since last season and want to continue to see good competition in prime time.

Unlike other versions, it will be a special one now because its participants will be the best participants in previous seasons, which is good for the level of the competition.

If you are waiting for the new version of this program, you need to know all the details and here we provide them so that you will be notified on the first day of broadcast.

Antonio Rosique, host of Exatlón México, will continue to command the program. (Photo: Antonio Rosic / Instagram).

When will EXATLÓN MÉXICO All Star be released?

All fans of the show should split their agenda because the premiere will take place on Monday, January 31st at 7:30 pm with the already known signal. Aztec One.

We learned this news through the account From , Director General of Content and Distribution of TV Azteca who released the video about this new season.

Star improvement by EXATLÓN MEXICO

Who are the participants of the new season?

  • Ernesto Caesares (first season)
  • Maggie Gonzalez (first season)
  • ID Hernandez (Second Season)
  • Evelyn Guizarro (Second Season)
  • Patricio Aurozo (Second Season)
  • Aristotle Caesares (Second Season)
  • Heber Galactic (Third Season)
  • Heliot Pulito (Third Season)
  • Cassandra Asencio (Third Season)
  • Maggie Alvarez (Third Season)
  • Xavi Marquez (Third Season)
  • Daniel Corel (First Season Finalist)
  • Ana Logo (first season finalist)

At this time, thirteen names have been confirmed to participate Exathlon Mexico All Star, But as the days go by, it is expected that the presence of more participants will be ensured.

In addition, it should be noted that no teams were created for red or blue, so no one knew who their teams were at the start of the project.

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