Excitement at last!  Polish Fortuna Cup for Wisła Kraków

Pogoń Szczecin of PKO BP Ekstraklasa faced Wisła Kraków, a team playing in the Fortuna 1 Liga, in the final. However, there was no difference in the first half. Although no goals were scored, a lot was happening in front of the two teams' goals.

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Both teams started this encounter with enthusiasm. Kamil Grosicki was active in Pogoń, but it was Wisła who created the first dangerous situation. In the sixth minute, Simon Sobchak, who was standing a few meters from the goal, shot the ball with his heel, but it missed the goal slightly. A few minutes later, the Krakow team had a chance again, after a throw-in from the left side and the defender's intervention, the ball bounced off the crossbar of Bogo's goal.

In response, after a good move by Szczecin, Grossicki shot a ball from the penalty area line, but the ball missed the post. Later, Wisła gained the advantage and created several clear-cut situations, the most dangerous in the 41st minute when the opposing goalkeeper blocked the ball against the post after a Sobchak header. Pogoń players tried to fight back. In the end, they scored two goals under Anton Cheshkan's goal, but they were unable to pose a serious threat to him, and the first part of the match ended in a goalless draw.

After the break, Visla players had the first chance, but Sobchak's shot in the 53rd minute was blocked by Szczecin's defenders. The Krakow team got the advantage again, but the match calmed down later. Grosicki was still Portosi's most active player, while substitute Vahan Pechachian brought some freshness. These two players made their first dangerous move in front of Wisła's goal after the break, but Biczachczian's shot was blocked by Bartosz Jarosz.

A goal was scored for Bogun in the 75th minute. After throwing the ball, Adrian Przeburek sent a surprise pass, and Efthymis Koulouris outmaneuvered his opponents in the penalty area and confidently sent the ball under the crossbar of Visła's goal. The visitors' good defense was lost in this situation.

In the 90th minute, Visla had a great opportunity to equalize. Marius Malik was able to block the ball heading towards the goal after Joko's shot. But this was not the end of the feelings.

In the 10th minute of stoppage time, Kraków made a desperate move – Anton Čeczkan sent the ball into the penalty area, Alan Orija extended his header, and Eniko Satrustegui scored for Pogun! The referee was still checking whether the goal had been correctly scored, but after a moment of tense waiting, it became clear that Visla had equalized the score and extra time was about to begin.

Missing the target in such conditions frustrated Pogo players. Leo Borges committed a fatal mistake, as Angel Rodado took possession of the ball after his pass, advanced towards the opponent's goal and beat Valentin Cojocaro with a shot on the ground.

Pogoń put pressure on opponents, but subsequent actions led to corner kicks at best. This was the case in the 113th minute, when the ball bounced off the wall following Bekzachyan's free kick, and a moment later, when Port failed to take advantage of the chaos in the Visla penalty area. In response, Visla made a save and Goku shot the goalkeeper in a one-on-one situation.

Pogoń tried to the end, Cojocaru even wandered into the opponent's penalty area, but the result did not change. After the final whistle, Wisła Kraków players were able to celebrate winning the Polish Cup.

Summary of the match between Pogon and Visla:

Wisła Kraków players won the Polish Cup for the fifth time in history. Previously, they were victorious in 1926, 1967, 2002 and 2003. Bojo Szczecin played in the final for the fourth time and lost for the fourth time.

Pogon Szczecin – Wisła Kraków 1:2 (0:0, 1:1) – After overtime

Quest: Valentin Cojocaru – Linus Wallqvist (91 Kasper Smolenski), Leo Borges, Marius Malik, Leonardo Cotris (106 Luka Zahovic) – Adrian Przyborek (82 Marcel Wodrechowski), Aleksandar Gorgon (86 Benedikt Zec), Joao Gamboa (57). Fredrik Ulvestad, Camille Grusicki – Efthymis Koulouris. trainer: Jens Gustafsson.
Vistula: Anton Czeczkan – Bartosz Jarosz (69. Eniko Satrustegui), Joseph Kohli, Allan Urijah, Davut Sut – Jesus Alfaro (77. Joko), Mark Carbo, Casper Duda (84. Patrick Gogol), Angel Rodado, Angel Baena (69. Mikey) ). Villar) – Simon Sobchak (77. Michel Chéroux). trainer: Albert Road.

Objectives: 1:0 Efthymios Koulouris (75), 1:1 Eniko Satrostegui (90+10), 1:2 Angel Rodado (94).

Yellow cards: Joao Gamboa, Efthymis Koulouris, Marcel Wiedrychowski, Valentin Cojocaru, Wahan Beczaccan (Pogon); Bartosz Jarosz, Alan Uriga, Ángel Rodado, Anton Czeczkan (Wiesla).

Judge: Tomasz Kwiatkowski (Warsaw). Viewers: 47506.

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