A unique discovery off the coast of Kasos.  Ten ships full of treasure

In mid-March, a multidisciplinary team From Greek National Research Foundation (NHRF) in collaboration with the Department of Underwater Antiquities Ministry of Culture Announced the amazing results of the work carried out in 2019-2023.

As we read, to explore the area around the island of Kasos Researchers were inspired, among other things, by Homer's “Iliad”, in which the author described the participation of the fleet in the Achaean campaign near Troy. There the researchers decided to search for the remains of the legendary troops of the Greek army. And they found it.

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The efforts of the Greeks have paid off. And now they proudly announce that they are located off the coast of Kasos The wrecks of 10 ships from different eras were found at a depth of 20 to 47 meters. The oldest ones date back to 3000 BC, and the youngest ones are said to be from World War II. The others come from various other periods of Greek history, including the dominance of the Roman Empire and then the Byzantine Empire.

Many unique artifacts have been found within the shipwrecks and daily equipment. According to the report, the finds include ceramic bottles from the Roman era, a stone anchor from the Archaic period, and objects such as Spanish amphora from 150 to 170 AD.

Researchers confirm that this discovery contributes to understanding the maritime history of the region Its importance in the ancient world:

The rest of the article is below the video

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