March 28, 2023


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A man who lived in Paris airport for 18 years has died

A man who lived in Paris airport for 18 years has died

The BBC quoted Al-Nasiri’s death of natural causes.

An Iranian was born in 1945 and flew to Europe in search of his mother. He was expelled from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands due to incorrect immigration documents. Finally, in 1988, he ended up at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Since the French officials refused to allow him to enter the country and no other country wanted to accept him, Nasseri lived in the hall 2F airport.

France finally granted him refugee status after 11 years, but the man stayed at the airport and set up his home until 2006. His story inspired Steven Spielberg to make the movie “Terminal” with Tom Hanks as an immigrant stuck in a bureaucratic void.

In the following years, Nasseri lived in a Parisian hostel, living off the money he earned in connection with the film. A representative of the facility said that a few weeks before his death, he decided to return to the airport.

Source: BBC

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