The Kremlin threatens Lithuania.  OSW: Contrary to propaganda claims, Kaliningrad is not under siege |  world News

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In her analysis, an expert from the Center for Oriental Studies confirmed that on June 18 at midnight as part of the fourth package Penalties Prohibition of the import and transport of selected iron and steel products manufactured in Russia.

“As a result, among other things, the Lithuanian railway company LTG Cargo, the state-owned Lithuanian railway company, after consulting the European Commission, has ceased to deal with the transport of this type of goods by rail to and from the Kaliningrad region via Lithuania. It has extended to goods new ones with the entry into force of the ban on their import from Russia: for example, from July 11 this year – alcohol, cement, wood products “- confirms.

On Monday, the EU’s chief diplomacy Josep Borrell Reported that Lithuania complies with penal laws. However, the Russian side accused Vilnius of openly provocative and hostile actions. Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman, said the decision to impose restrictions on crossings was unprecedented and illegal. As announced, these measures will be analyzed in the coming days and a response will be received.

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Expert: The Kremlin increases tension and frightens us with an indefinite answer

OSW’s Iwona Wiśniewska explains that this “contradicts the Russian claims Advertising, Kaliningrad is not prohibited. “Both the transit of passengers (railroads and roads) and the transport of goods not subject to sanctions shall continue without changes or disturbances. Russia He stressed that it could also use shipping bypassing the Baltic states, adding that “Moscow has decided to use the implementation of EU sanctions to escalate tensions in relations with Vilnius.”

The expert explains that the Kremlin increases tension and frightens us with an indefinite answer, because it wants to test the resilience of Lithuania and the entire European Union. “He is trying to create a breach of the sanctions regime, which will become a precedent that will impede the implementation of the remaining restrictions and the possible adoption of new restrictions,” he said.

“The Kremlin has many times treated the outpost of the Kaliningrad region as an instrument of foreign policy and pressure on Western countries,” he adds.

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