Is your phone camera spying on you?  You can check it out

Did you know that your smartphone camera can spy? This is not a joke. Furthermore, there are websites and apps that can use the camera on your mobile device to monitor your activities.

How to check if you are being watched by your smartphone camera? What can you do to protect yourself from such surveillance in the future? It's not that difficult and can be done with just a few taps on your phone.

Your phone may be spying on you

Unfortunately, there is a possibility that your phone's camera could be used to spy on you. These situations occur when you give certain apps or websites permission to access your camera. Some of them actually need camera access to function properly (including instant messaging). In their case, it is usually safe and access to the camera results from the ability to send photos and other images to friends. However, some apps don't need access to the camera at all, but still request access to it. So how to block camera access on Android smartphones in a few simple steps?

Are you wondering how to check if someone is spying on you through your smartphone camera?

Your camera may be spying on you if you give some websites permission to access your camera. If you're using an Android phone, go to the web browser you're using, then tap the three dots icon in the upper right corner. Then select Settingsand then Site settings. Find a position camera.

Here you will see a list of sites that have been granted access to the camera. This means they have permission to spy on you. If you want to remove sites you don't use from this list and don't want them to have access to your camera, click on the title and select the option roadblock.

The same applies to checking which apps are spying on you. go to Phone settings (gear icon in the main menu), then search for the item Applications. search here Application settingswhere you need to select an item device. After that, a list of apps that can access the camera will be displayed. As with website blocking, here you just need to click on the icon of a particular app and use the options roadblockIf you want to deny the app access to your camera.

You can also take slightly more radical steps to increase your security. how? Just change some phone settings and Limit camera operation in the background.

It's also a simple process, just launch the Play Store and then tap on your profile picture located in the top right corner. Here you need to scroll down the list and find the tab Help and feedback. Find a section here Remove installed applicationsAnd it has an inscription Click to open the app settings. Click this option. From the menu that appears, choose deviceand then Advanced Settings I battery. Select an option here Restrict background activity Confirm your selection using the button Enter restrictions. Thanks to this simple procedure The camera will stop working in the backgroundso it will not spy on you, but it will still be fully functional, meaning you will be able to use it to take photos and record videos.

It is also worth changing the settings that will allow the phone to modify the behavior of the application. While you are in the application settings device (w Settings > Application information), find the tab at the bottom of the list Modify system settings Move the slider to the off position.

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