The method of carjacking, called the “suitcase”, has gained popularity among criminals. This technology involves the use of specialized equipment that allows thieves to unlock and start a vehicle without the need for a key. Recently, it has become one of the most popular ways to steal modern cars.

However, there is a tool that can help deter thieves and make their job more difficult. This gadget that was very popular in the 80’s and 90’s is the steering wheel lock.

bag method It is particularly popular with criminals because it allows for quick and discreet action. Thieves don’t care about themselves, and the whole robbery process takes only a few seconds. Cars with keyless entry are vulnerable to this type of theft.

An ADAC study showed just that A small percentage of cars are able to withstand this method theft. How do you protect yourself from it? There are several possibilities. You can invest in a cover that prevents the keys from signaling, wrap them in aluminum foil, or hide them in a pot at home. All of these methods have been tested by us and they work.

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There is another method that can be effective – Steering lock. Although this idea may seem a little silly to many people, such an ancient tool can be very useful. Modern thieves mainly use electronics, not mechanical tools, as was the case a few decades ago.

In addition to steering wheel locks, pedal locks or gear lever locks can also be effective. This protection requires further intervention from the thief and, above all, takes valuable time and draws attention to him.

A physical lock can effectively deter a thief, even if he can force the car door with a “suitcase”. Of course, if the thieves have a tow truck, this method may turn out to be ineffective, but here again the side of time and attention plays a role.

However, this solution has two drawbacks. First, it can look a bit comical, especially for luxury cars. Secondly, the need to constantly install and remove the lock can be an inconvenience for the driver. However, it is less of a hassle than losing your car.

The price of this blockade depends on its type and degree of progression, and it amounts to: From less than PLN 100 to approximately PLN 300. Many people still have such relics from the past, stored in the basement or in the attic. Since the fashion for vintage gadgets is back, maybe it’s worth digging through old cardboard boxes or boxes and trusting the old proven methods of securing your car?

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