A painful confession for Marcin Prokop’s wife.  It’s about her health

Maria Brauch Prokop, wife Marcin ProkopHe rarely appears in public. However, in an interview at the end of 2022 on the program “City of Women”, she admitted that she suffers from neurosis and chronic stress, which at one time led to a tragic situation.

It all started in high school. For many years, Maria was unaware of the chronic and constant stress growing inside her. All this continued until one day while in Malta, she fainted. I participated in sports competitions there.

During the half marathon, she suddenly lost consciousness and almost lost her life. This was the culmination and led to a diagnosis of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). For the next three years, she suffered from mental disorders. She was suffering from panic disorder. After some time, she wanted something different, and she ended her long adventure with a company and became a yoga teacher.

Maria confirmed that overcoming the disease became possible thanks to the support of pharmacy, working with specialists, and focusing on breathing techniques.

The problem of chronic stress affects more and more people. This condition is characterized by depletion of the body’s resources, which may lead to serious health consequences, such as hormonal disorders, decreased immunity, migraines, or hypothyroidism.

Marcin Prokop and Maria Prażuch-Prokop are one of those couples who value privacy very much. They rarely pose together on walls, and only share a small portion of their lives on social media.

sThey proposed to each other at a party with mutual friends in 2003. It was a pure accident, because the journalist tended to avoid parties, Maria was also not a fan of this type of entertainment. She has just returned from the United States where she studied.

It only took a few meetings for the relationship to gain real momentum. It was not easy, because the lovers are complete opposites – not only in terms of height (they are 40 cm apart). Maria is an open person who deals with life spontaneously and is social. Marcin, on the other hand, is known for his composure and planning his every move, and he is also somewhat of a loner at heart.

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