A heated discussion about #StrongRazem in Miller!  “This is a massacre”

On Marcin Miller’s program “The Second Miller Breakfast” the following topics were discussed: About a group of radical PO supporters on social media known as #SilniRazem. There was a lively discussion in which Dominika Wielowieyska downplayed the unsavory group’s activities.

She caters to her constituents’ most radical sentiments against PiS because she wants to keep them at a boil so that they can radiate and mobilize others.

– She was talking about a group of radical PO supporters Dominica Willowieskajournalist for “Gazeta Wyborcza” and radio TOK FM.

In this subculture of the most radical Labor supporters, there’s the second effect that opposition voters scare them, there’s frat fighting, accusations that someone here is collaborating with PiS, journalists are called in

Turn tightened Dominica Cytnicapublicity at OKO.press.


You are the perfect enemy, the symbol of hell and the devil

Miller stepped in, pointing to Dominika Wielowieyska.

It cultivates conspiracy thinking, the stalker, but somehow it also leads to layoffs

Follow Sitnik.

I don’t agree with that. I think serving radical voters is still in the interest of both parties, PiS and the PO

Wielowieyska noted.

They are harassed by mailbox leadership and intimidate journalists.

PO extremists, or #SilniRazem, frankly speaking, enemy number one for them is not the PiS. Piasecki will be imprisoned, at least Sroczyński will be sent to Israel or Madagascar. This is a massacre. They are harassed by postmasters, intimidate journalists, demand dismissals – this is no joke

– He said Marcin Miller.

I think it’s just something that happens in a bubble and it just doesn’t pass. I don’t think this is essential

Wielowieyska said.

And Gertich threatens Srosinsky? This is not an unknown man. Sikorsky who is talking about some sections of Ukraine?

Miller asked.

I don’t think it matters either. It is much more important that the opposition be organized, and here the downside of the opposition is that Tusk has not been able to install the position of the sole leader yet, because the Poles in general like it when there is one leader who maintains the whole. The company is very short and, like Yaroslav Kaczynski, has been running his camp for a long time

– She said.

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