Niger.  Russian forces entered the base where American forces were also stationed

Russian soldiers entered the 101st Air Base, located near Diori Hamani International Airport in Niger’s capital Niamey. Reuters reported on Friday, citing an unnamed senior US defense official, that US forces were also stationed there.

As the agency source noted, Russian soldiers use a separate hangar and do not mix with American military personnel.

– This is not the best situation, but it can be controlled in the short term – said a US official quoted by Reuters.

In turn, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that he did not see any major problem because “Russian forces were unable to access American personnel or equipment.”

The Americans are withdrawing their soldiers

The Russians appeared near the American base in Niger after most of the American soldiers had left. Russian mercenaries arrived in the African country in early April, after the ruling military junta in Niger decided to order American soldiers to leave the country.

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The Pentagon announced that US forces would leave the Sahel region, but did not provide a specific timetable. Currently, the Americans are holding talks with Côte d’Ivoire, where the commander of the US Africa Command (AFRICOM), General Michael E. Langley, just visited. As places for new bases, the Americans are also considering Nigeria, Benin, Togo and Ghana, countries of the Gulf of Guinea, which are strategically located and can ensure control over the Sahel region combating the activities of Islamic terrorists.

Of these countries, Nigeria is in the best position, and there are many indicators that the Bula Ahmed Tinubu administration may be willing to embrace a potential defense treaty with the United States.

Main image source: Isifo Djibo/EPA/PAP

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