Dramatic scenes in Tehran.  The police opened fire on the demonstrators at the subway station [WIDEO]

Demonstrations intensified in Iran on Tuesday 15 November. Protest organizers have called for a three-day campaign to commemorate the “Bloody November” of 2019, when hundreds of people were killed during protests over fuel price hikes.

Now, Iranian security forces have opened fire on people in a crowded subway station in Tehran.

Footage circulating on social media showed passengers running towards the exits. Many people fell, you could see them being trampled, you could hear them screaming in panic.

The recordings also show policemen walking through the train cars and beating women who did not cover their hair with batons.

Morality police often patrol subway stations and public transportation. In early September, Mohammad Saleh Hashemi Golpayjani, the curator of the Center for Ethics in Iran, announced that the government plans to use facial recognition technology to track women caught on security cameras on public transportation.

in Iran Since mid-September, protests have broken out following the death of 22-year-old Mohseh Amini. A woman has died after being detained in Tehran by the morality police for improperly wearing a hijab. She was severely beaten by the officers and died as a result of a head injury. But the Iranian authorities deny this accusation. Since then, a huge wave of protests has swept the country, with demonstrators opposing the Islamic government led by Ali Khamenei.

Dozens of demonstrators were heard chanting around a bonfire in a Tehran street on Tuesday, “We will fight! We will die! We will restore Iran! Death to the dictator!”

Protesters were also recorded setting headscarves in subway stations.

According to data from the Oslo-based Iranian Human Rights Organization (IHR), 300 people have already been killed by Iranian security forces during the two months of protests.

Source: The Guardian, The New York Times, AFP


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