Ian McKellan's E'Gad Zombies Feature Film Update

Posted by: Michael
Awhile ago we shared with you all the short film E'Gad Zombies which stars Ian McKellan. You can watch the film below in case you missed that earlier post. Matthew Butler who made the short has sent  us the following update on his plans of turning the film into a feature film;

The film went to The Cannes Film Festival and it created a lot of attention and rather a big stir, even reaching papers in India! We went really to talk about the feature version The Curse of The Buxom Strumpet and used the short as a calling card. And it worked. We now have a great Executive Producer, Margaret Matheson, who has produced some classic British films like Sid and Nancyand Scum and it's full steam ahead for filming next year in Scotland. Ian is once again involved, but he now features more, and we may actually be filming his stuff soon, a year before the rest of it! We also won an award in America, which was nice. 

We were going to keep putting it into festivals to see what happened, but now we're focussing on the feature, we have a different plan. I get emails all the time from fans asking if they can get hold of a copy of the short. So that's what we're going to do. It will soon be available on Amazon to download (buy or rent) and we shall be selling DVD copies through our website. (On the DVD you'll also have lots of extra's). And since the idea is to let the fans watch it rather than us make lots of money, we're selling it for £6.99 which includes P&P. It'll go on sale through the website from the 6th of September, and through Amazon around the same time.   

Checkout the short film below and be sure to go and visit the official site for more details on purchasing http://www.egadzombies.co.uk/ Support indie filmmaking kids!


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