“Shoot everyone!”  Shocking results.  Executions in Ukraine

The findings published by Human Rights Watch on May 2 are shocking. Human Rights Watch investigated three cases of summary executions of at least 12 Ukrainian soldiers, and verified and analyzed drone footage. Which was published on social media on December 2 and 27, 2023 and February 25, 2024.

In these cases, the soldiers showed a clear intention to surrender, and since they were no longer participating in hostilities, Under international humanitarian law and the law of war They cannot be targeted.

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Human rights activists identified the locations where two of the three events took place, but due to the lack of precise geographic data in the videos, they were not identified. Unable to determine the exact location of the third. Human Rights Watch was also unable to determine who owned the drone that was filming the events.

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Human Rights Watch also verified the fourth case by analyzing another video that appeared on social media on February 19. He offers Two Russian soldiers shoot three unarmed Ukrainian soldiersWho surrendered.

Although the account holder who posted the video identified the location of the incident, Human Rights Watch did not know him Able to check it yourself.

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War in Ukraine. Executions 'do not appear to be isolated incidents'

The investigation into the fifth incident was based on an interview with a Ukrainian soldier – a video recording posted on a Telegram channel on February 16 – and media reports, including interviews with family members of one of the dead. According to available information, six soldiers were executed in this case.

You can see it in one of the recordings At least seven Ukrainian soldiers emerge from the bunker It is located among the trees between two fields. They take off their bulletproof vests. At least one also removed his helmet.

They were all lying on the ground and five Russian soldiers were pointing machine guns at them. Then three of them opened fire from behind and from the sides at the Ukrainian soldiers who appeared to have surrendered.

Six Ukrainian soldiers remain face down and visibly react to the shots, while one of them tries to return to the bunker but is hit by a bullet before he can do so. The incident happened Near the village of Ivanev in Donetsk region. The exact location was first confirmed by Ij Shaheed, a volunteer at GeoConfirmed, and later by Human Rights Watch researchers.

Human Rights Watch confirms this “The alleged executions do not appear to be isolated incidents.”

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Human Rights Watch researchers also identified a recording from Russian drone published on February 5, 2024 The video shows one moment of the battle.

In this case, Human Rights Watch researchers were unable to determine whether the Ukrainian soldiers had actually surrendered. On registration We hear a man's voice Who gives orders to Russian soldiers during the battle in the Donetsk region. A voice says in Russian: “Take no prisoners, shoot everyone!”

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