Live Free or Die Hard DVD Missing Features Update

Posted by: Michael

I have gotten a ton of emails from readers asking why their dvds are missing special features. It is what made me ask the question a few days ago is your dvd missing some features? According to readers who wrote in to me as well as links all over various news groups the WideScreen Unrated Edition is missing the music video and behind the scenes featurette. This is the standard dvd and not the collectors box. I am unable to verify it since my copy is a screener copy and is not the same as the versions you see on store shelves. I am however tempted to go buy one just to see if in fact its missing it here to.

I have no idea if its missing on all the dvds or just the standard edition widescreen but if you have some feedback shoot us an email. I have sent a couple emails to the people who handle PR for FOX and am working on seeing if we can get some insights. I have gotten a response but so far they are not able to give me any answers yet.
Keep in mind there is no way FOX deliberately left them off and I would imagine its probably some sort of small batch glitch that they will fix so dont get to upset till the answers come out. Soon as I hear from FOX's PR people look for more updates. Although missing features sucks, trust me this dvd is worth buying even with a glitch. Easily THE action movie of the year ( even better then Transformers for me )


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