We are able to build the warp drive known from the science fiction series

The warp drive is known from the Star Trek series. By definition of the series, the speed of warp is equal to or greater than the speed of light in a vacuum. The unique drive is created by what is called a warp field, that is Local curvature of spacetime About the spaceship.

In this concept, the space immediately in front of the ship “condenses” and “extends” immediately behind it, resulting in the ability to cover enormous distances. Some say it can be compared to a surfboard that creates its own wave.

The power source must be the twist core, where the control takes place Interaction of antimatter with matter. Interestingly, the producers of the series worked closely with experts and physicists at NASA to determine the capabilities of the devices presented in the series.

According to the theory of general relativity, any object with mass causes the space around it to be curved. In the concept of warp drive, the device would have to create a so-called Negative curvature of spacetimeassociated with negative mass and gravitational repulsion.

Some scientists believe that creating a system would be possible in your caseProof of the presence of foreign matter – It is a hypothetical type of matter that does not correspond to the classical model. Such a substance would have unique properties, such as negative mass.

Scientists working within the Applied Physics group have evolved A new solution they call a constant speed warp drive.

The researchers found this in their theoretical analyses Time and space can be manipulatedIn a way that gravity responds to ordinary matter – not to the exotic energy previously mentioned.

Provided by specialists The model creates a “bubble” around the ship that will accelerate the ship to a speed below the speed of light. This is less than in the case of the previously described Star Trek method, but here there would be no need to use foreign materials whose existence has not been confirmed.

“The solution is to combine a stable shell of material with a displacement vector distribution that closely follows known torsion drive solutions, such as the Alcubierre metric,” the researchers wrote in their scientific article.

As scholars say: – In this article We have developed the first true constant speed drive solution, which is fully consistent with the geodetic transport properties of the Alcubierre scale. This exciting new result is an important first step toward understanding what warp drive solutions are.

Alcubierre engine It is a solution-based virtual warp engine Einstein’s field equations. It is about manipulating space-time, thanks to which it will be possible to travel at a speed greater than the speed of light in a vacuum, without violating the known principles of the theory of relativity.

Specialists confirm that their achievements currently remain only theoretical. In the future, they want to test their model and try to increase the speed of the spacecraft.

– Although such a design would still require a significant amount of energy, it shows that warping effects can be achieved without strange shapes of matter. These results pave the way for future reductions in warp drives’ power requirements – says physicist Christopher Helmreich from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

The results of the research were published in a scientific journal Classical and quantum gravity.

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