Misery and despair.  Widzew – Why 1:1

At 5:30 pm at the Municipal Stadium located at 138 Piłsudskiego Street in Łódź, the 33rd round match of the 2023/2024 PKO Ekstraklasa Football League will kick off, between Widzew Łódź and Lech Poznań. We invite all Kolejorz fans to follow our traditional pre-match and live match report from this match on KKSLECH.com.

void Before the match Fedzio – Lech (05/19/2024)

void Match No. 73 against Widzew and Match No. 70 in Ekstraklasa (only 6 victories for Lech in Lodz)
void In the last 7 matches between Lech and Widzew (home and away), there has always been at least one goal.
void Lech did not lose a goal in 7 of the last 10 matches against Fedzio
void In the last 14 league matches against Fedsio, Lech has suffered only two defeats (the 1-3 fall loss was the first since 2006).
void Lech had a series of 6 consecutive matches in Lodz with Fedzio without losing (tying 4 times with goals)
void Marius Romak played for Widzew a total of 5 times, scoring a balance of 3-2-0, goals: 8:2
void Lech last lost to Widzew in Lodz on 20 October 2006 (2:3).
void Lech has not won any of their last 3 matches, and Fedzio has lost in their last 3 matches

void Live report (match)

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void 1 – 15 minutes

1 minute. – Grams.
1 minute. Lech started the match and was in a good position after Pereira’s throw-in.
3 minutes. – A smart shot from Shimshak after Anderson’s cross. The ball was caught by Gikiewicz.
4 minutes. – Two shots were blocked by Widzew.
5 minutes. – A very lively start to the match.
6 minutes. – void Sharp attack on Morawski, the Lech midfielder does not get up from the field.
9 minutes. – Keep playing. Lech also attacks mainly from the wings.
11 minutes. – Velde could have been stepped on inside the penalty area, but VAR did not even analyze it.
15 minutes. – Widzew started attacking using multiple players.

void 16 – 30 minutes

18 minutes. – void Card for Veldi for trying to force a penalty kick.
21 minutes – 1:0 to Leach. Szymczak’s cross from the right side was headed home by Velde who jumped to the ball well.

void Fieldy
void Shemshak

23 minutes – Velde has just caught up with Ishak in the Lech League standings for the 2023/2024 season (10 goals).
24 minutes. – Veldi’s shot from afar hits the crossbar!
27 minutes – Lech is playing with great energy today. unexpectedly.
29 minutes – Lech takes control of the match, and Widziu falls. The result does its job.

void 31 – 45 minutes

32 minutes. – void Balance when leading 1:0: 11-3-0
34 minutes. – Dangerous chance for Widzew, but it was offside anyway.
34 minutes. With this result, Lech moves from fifth to fourth place and still has a mathematical chance of winning the cup. Does anyone believe in them?
36 minutes. – Widzew woke up playing in our half for a few minutes.
40 minutes. – Marchwinski’s balanced shot after a previous corner kick. He missed.
41 min – Mrozek hits the ball and collides with Cibulski. There will probably be a penalty soon.
42 minutes. – void Card for Mrozek + Eleven. This is all about field control on the field.
43 minutes. – void Already 1:1. Rondic scores.
44 minutes. – Widzew’s first shot on goal ends in the goal.
45+2 minutes. – You ask in the comments: How many penalty kicks did we give to our opponents? eight.

void Penalties used by opponents: 6
void Penalty kicks missed by opponents: 2

45+3 minutes. – Pereira didn’t really know what to do with the ball, which ended up in Jekiewicz’s gloves.
45+5 minutes. – 1-1 in the first half. With this result, Lech loses his chance mathematically in Europe.

void 46 – 60 minutes

46 minutes – We keep playing.
48 minutes. – Widzew has a strong start. He has already taken two corner kicks.
48 minutes. – void Two interventions by Mrozek save us from losing a goal.
49 minutes – More Mrozek’s input. Lech doesn’t know what’s happening again.
53 minutes – Lech tries to control the situation.
53 min – Szymczak’s shot misses after a quick move.
54 minutes. – void Foul by Salamon, another good tackle from Mrozek.
55 minutes – There seems to be some progress in the game, but the stats are not impressive. Same number of shots and less xG than Widzew.
58 minutes. – Marchwinski is playing as a girl at the moment. He gives the impression that he is afraid for his legs.
60 minutes. – void Great shot by Cibulski and even better tackle by Mrozek.
60 minutes. – The midfield does not exist. Carlstrom, Marchwinski and Murawski are turtles.

void 61 – 75 minutes

62 min – Lech looks very bad tactically, there is no control again, the organization of the match is terrible.
63 minutes. – void Kvekveskiri for Marchwiński.
63 minutes. – void It can already be announced that Filip Marchwiński who noticed during “Eye on the game” will receive the lowest possible rating.
68 minutes. The second half is much worse than the first. Lech doesn’t create many chances, and Widzew already has a clear advantage in shots – 14.
71 minutes – Nothing happens. It would not be a surprise if Widzew somehow managed to score a goal and Lech lost for the first time this season despite leading 1-0.
73 minutes. – void A draw is also a defeat. A draw means the end of the sporting opportunities for the cups. The truth ended a week ago.
75 minutes. – Lech sat down. No strength or will?
75 minutes. – void The match was stopped due to smoke, and Anderson was injured, but he got up.

void 76 – 90 minutes

76 minutes. – void Widzew is the only team in the league yet to draw at home and has the fewest draws in the Ekstraklasa, next to ŁKS (only 6).
77 minutes. – void Czerwiński to Morawski.
78 minutes. – Another corner for Widzew, another threat. You can see the “work” of Darius Dudka, who is in charge of set pieces at Lech.
80 minutes. – void Kartka dela Kvekveskiriego.
83 minutes – Lech hasn’t played anything for several minutes. Complete collapse of the team.
85 minutes – It smells like a golem.
85 minutes. – void Card for Szymczak. He will not play against Corona.
86 minutes. – void There was a chance for Leach. Pereira sent the ball to the head of Isak, who beat Jekiewicz.
90 minutes. – Mrozek intervened clumsily. Widzew drove the ball and won a corner kick after the counterattack.
90 minutes. – The referee added 8 minutes.
90+1 minutes. – void The cauldron is under Lech’s goal. Sanchez missed another good opportunity.
90+4 minutes. – VAR analyzed whether there was a penalty kick for Velde. of course not.
90+6 minutes. – Isaac’s missed shot out of the air summed up this match.
90+6 minutes. – Field tried again, but the shot was off target.
90+8 minutes. – void Two interventions by Mrozek prevent a goal from being missed. However, a draw is also a defeat, so these interventions are meaningless.
90+10 minutes. – end. The image of misery and despair, a draw is a defeat. Lech lost his mathematical opportunity against Europe, as he lost his real opportunity a week ago. Good afternoon.

void Sunday 19 May 2024 at 17:30
void Round 33 of the PKO Ekstraklasa 2023/2024
void Fedsio Lodz – Lech Poznań 1:1 (1:1)

void Objectives: 43. Runditch – K. – 21. The field

void Helps: 1:0 – Shemshak

void Yellow cards: Cyjanics, Rundic, Milos-Veldi, Mrozek, Kvikveskiri, Šimcak

void Viewers: 17879

void Judge: LASIK (Bytum)

void Technical judgement: Rasmus

void Side judges: Mermos, Kowalewski

void VAR Referees: Marciniak, T. Marciniak

void Wedzio: Jekiewicz – Milos, Ciro, Ibiza, Cyganics – Alvarez, Hanosik, Diliberto (82. Sanchez) – Cibulski (90+2. Tkac), Rondic, Nunes (70. Klimek).

void Alternatives: Krzyciric, Szota, Silva, Kwiatkowski, Castrati, Kuhn, Tkac, Klimek, Sanchez.

void Why: Mrozek – Pereira, Salamon, Blazje, Andersson – Karlstrom, Morawski (77.Czerwinski), Marchwinski (63.Kvikveskiri) – Szymczak, Isak, Velde.

void Alternatives: Bednarek, Milic, Douglas, Czerwinski, Kvikveskiri, Ba-Loa, Baclavski.

void Captains: Hanusak – Isaac

void Settings: 1-4-3-3 – 1-4-3-3

void Trainers: Fighter – horse

void Eye on game monitoring: Marchwinski

void Lawn condition: Very good (flat)

void weather: +20°C, cloudy

void place: Municipal Stadium (ul. Piłsudskiego 138, Łódź)

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