After being fined for delays in implementing the Fala system, its creators have spoken out

After Innobaltica imposed fines worth almost PLN 1 million on Asseco Data Systems for delays in implementing the Fala system, representatives of the sanctioned company spoke out about this matter. The Fala system is a complex and ambitious project that requires long-term testing in a real environment, explains Paul Barnash, Managing Director of Asseco Data Systems. When will the system be ready to be launched also on railways? – After completing the internal test.

The individual district and municipal authorities involved in the project know that the pace of preparation and implementation of the Fala system is progressing well after December, as well as the company supervising these works and the contractor itself – Asseco Data Systems. Innobaltica recently imposed fines of approximately PLN 1 million on it, which we were first to report at the beginning of May.

Now Asseco representatives have spoken out about this. As he admits Paul ParnasManaging Director of the Smart City Division at Asseco Data Systems, said the fines have already been imposed, but are currently being analyzed and verified.

The wave is a joke
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I decided to give it a chance – neither the bus nor the tram received the card (telephone).
So why do they keep hanging in there stressing whether it will work or not?

I decided to give it a chance – neither the bus nor the tram received the card (telephone).
So why do they stay there to confirm whether it will work or not?

– During the current testing phase of the Fala system, Innobaltica contacted us with a list of reports and information about the imposed sanctions. However, it is not about strict delays, but the time for handling incidents in the system – stresses Bance. -We are currently verifying these reports and analyzing each of them in detail. Many subcontractors are involved in the project, and there is ongoing dialogue and mutual cooperation a job On the system. We are constantly working to provide residents of the province with a tool that will make traveling in Pomerania easier.

The most important thing is to complete the tests

The problem is that the system is still in testing mode and is not ready to make all its functions available to passengers, for example ticket optimization (if you buy several single-use tickets, the system itself changes them to a more affordable one-day ticket). The wave doesn’t exist on the railway either. When will this be possible?

Public transport timetables on your phone

– The Fala system is fully implemented by all urban transport organizers in the cities of Pomeranian Voivodeship, i.e. Lębork, Chojnice, Puck, Słupsk, Władysławowo, Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. The final stage of system implementation will be available to the railway companies: Polregio i Skm. At the moment, the most important issue is the completion of internal tests that precede the launch of the system on railway carriers – adds Panach.

Complex IT projects require long-term testing

However, we have not yet received a clear announcement of when the tests will be completed and the system will be fully ready. The creators of the IT contribution to the Fala system explain that it is “a very complex and ambitious project to integrate Rate 100 Available in the Pomeranian province and relevant to many transport organizers, operators and their employees.

In addition to implementing the system itself, it requires organizational preparation for all participants and ensuring their readiness to use it. Most importantly, the implementation of this category of IT solutions leads to changes in the existing ways of working of the respective organizations, which differ from each other. These complex IT projects require long-term testing in a real environment. During this time, we monitor system feedback, implement improvement activities, and adjust it to suit the current needs of recipients. Such changes are an essential part of such projects. The verification process of the changes introduced is ongoing, and decisions on the schedule for the provision of individual functions are made by Innobaltica in consultation with transport organizers – adds the Managing Director of Asseco Data Systems.
The total value of the Fala system is 153 million Polish zlotysof which 90 million Polish zlotys are co-financed by European Union funds.

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