Changes in the life of Anna Kalczynska.  She shared a surprise announcement

Anna Kalczyńska was one of the presenters of the program “Dzień Dobry TVN” in the years 2014-2023. The journalist, who recently disappeared from the small screen, is in constant contact with her audience.

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Anna Kalczynska moved. “There will be something to remember”

She posted a nostalgic post about the changes on her Instagram. The pretext was to visit the house she had left with her family a year earlier. The journalist has only good associations with the building and admitted that she relates to places easily.

“[…] Today I visited the place where we lived for 12 beautiful years, full of wonderful energy, long journeys and joyful returns, many interesting adventures, conversations and the beginnings of friendship and pleasant relationships.

– wrote the journalist.

How did Anna Kalczynska live? She showed her house

The journalist left her home, so she decided to reveal a little secret to her fans and explain how she was living. The home’s large space and eclectic style attract attention.

The photos show that there was a shaded balcony next to the building for relaxing. The children enjoyed the small lawn and slide where they could play. / with quote rights

Terrace of Anna Kalczynska’s former house

In addition, the TV star showed off the bright living room and modern kitchen with white furniture. The photos also included memories of family gatherings on Christmas Eve.

Anna Kalczynska in the kitchen / with quote rights

Anna Kalczynska in the kitchen

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