National Treasure 2 Full Plot Revealed

Posted by: Stanch
Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films have begun laying out a new map for "National Treasure 2." and now AICN has managed to get their hands on the official plot. We had a plot months ago but not near as detailed. Here is what they say, via FilmStalker
John Wilkes Booth is the man who shot Abraham Lincoln. Pages are missing from his diary.
Benjamin Franklin Gates and posse are to recover pages before someone else does [long live the Confederacy!] Gates' motivation beyond historical interest. The pages implicate a Gates family member [in Lincoln's assassination]. Gates' mother will help. Relationships strained. Adventure international: London, Paris, then back to U.S.
MANY secrets in pages' contents. Heroes are sent in unexpected directions. Example: There is A BOOK OF SECRETS. National secrets. Big secrets. Said book contains details pointedly recalling Mason's microfilm in THE ROCK [who killed JFK? Roswell, etc.] The location of a City of Gold [Cortez] is also in this book. Heroes break into White House to get the second book. Gates must kidnap the President of the United States to keep him safe from the Confederates. Hitchcockian finale at Mount Rushmore.
The studio has hired Gregory Poirier to write the movie, which will again be directed by Jon Turteltaub.


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