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May 26th, 2018

Jennifer Aniston Brings Nudity & Lesbian Love Making in Wanderlust

I have always had a thing for Jennifer Aniston and it seems that as she gets older she is also willing to take more risks for her art. Fortunately for us she is not sacrificing her art to do it since her upcoming film Wanderlust looks hilarious and her Lesbian love making scene and rumored nudity will only be a small bonus for the lads who go to see this movie on date night.

Wanderlust is about a couple rattled by sudden unemployment who surveys alternative living options, ultimately deciding to experiment with living on a rural commune where free love rules. It stars Paul Rudd who is a comic genius and is directed by the very talented David Wain who also directed The Ten and Role Models. Now for me The Ten was in a word.. horrid but his follow up film Role Models was nothing short of comic genius. The Ten had potential and I feel that David Wain has found his stride and if Wanderlust is half as good as Role Models it will be a complete blast!

The new R rated trailer for Wanderlust which was released ( and can be seen below ) features lots of laughs, plenty of sexual innuendo and a hilarious lesbian love making scene involving Jennifer Aniston that leaves Paul Rudd banging his head on the wall due to his poor timing.

Fans will no doubt be hoping for a leak to hit the web similar to the one involving The Breakup where she starred with Vince Vaughn.  The Wrap is reporting that in Wanderlust Jennifer Aniston did a topless R rated scene which has apparently hit the cutting room floor. We will instead get a new similar scene which features careful use of the camera and probably more tasteful filmmaking.

Wanderlust will hit theaters February 24th and it might just lure me into the theater. I am a big fan of Jennifer Aniston and it is nice to see her playing a little bit against type. We all know she is great at playing the cliche girlfriend in dozens of films but she is now really finding her funny bone with films like Horrible Bosses and Wanderlust. Keep it up Jen!


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