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June 20th, 2018

M Night Shyamalan DEVIL Review

M Night Shyamalan used to be a name that would guarantee my placement in theatres to see the film. His uncanny ability to weave a story and draw the audience in and then throw amazing curve balls from left field made him one of the great story tellers of the 21st century. Unfortunately whatever magic that M Night Shyamalan once had has been greatly overshadowed as of late  by a slew of hit and miss movies including The Last Airbender , The Happening and to some extents The Lady in the Water.

For these reasons his latest film Devil did not peak my interest or draw me into theatres to see it. I just now finally watched it after reading positive things about it on the HorrorMovies FaceBook Community combined with the fact it was playing on video on demand on the Xbox Live service.

Devil tells the story of a group of people who are trapped on an elevator and soon find themselves not alone as the devil comes down to steal their souls away to hell. I must say that for the most part M Night Shyamalan delivers a truly entertaining experience and although not overly creepy he is able to spin a tale that is both unique and interesting that is sure to entertain fans of supernatural horror.

The casting is spot on with a cast of relative unknowns and despite the fact that I was able to predict who The Devil was and where the story was going M Night Shyamalan was able to throw in some interesting intersecting story angles that made the film refreshing and unique.

Devil is by no stretch of the imagination anywhere near as imaginative as his early works like The Sixth Sense but it is definitely a big step up from The Happening and Lady in the Water. A well crafted and suspenseful story with a great cast and a relatively believable overall plot make it a fun way to spend 90minutes. Really the only negative thing I can say about Devil is the final closing sequence. True to form M Night spins a great tale but just like with The Happening, and The Lady in the Water he lacks the ability to completely tie up all the loose ends in a way that satisfies and frankly had me shaking my head at my TV. A fun movie, but not a great movie I give it a 7 out of 10. Rent it if your a fan of supernatural thrillers with some depth but don’t expect anything truly magical.


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