They saw him in space.  Researchers captured an amazing photo

Once again, astronomers have photographed something extraordinary A formation that resembles an outstretched hand trying to catch the stars. The picture may look beautiful and strange at the same time, but above all it is amazing. What is CG4, also called “Hand of God”?

The Gum Nebula (named after its discoverer, Colin Gumm) extends in the region of the constellations Sail and Stern – at the heart of the historic Argo constellation. They are the remnants of an ancient supernova that likely exploded between 0.9 and 2.6 million years ago. The Gum Nebula is one of the largest known nebulae in the Milky Way Galaxy, a Its study provides a lot of valuable information to scientistsFor this reason, more space analyzes are constantly being carried out in this area.

It is also known that the Goma Nebula can be found in its area Smaller, dark nebulae are called cometary spherules. Sometimes such things take very suggestive forms. This is also the case with the “Hand of God”, which many people immediately associate with a hand that reaches for the stars – while others see there a being like the Shi of Immortality.

The “Hand of God”, ball comet CG4, has been known to researchers for a long time. The object is located 1,300 light-years away. It is composed of dense gas and dust, which makes it difficult to see these and other globules because most of the light is blocked. However, thanks to the special equipment and filters used by researchers, it is now possible to capture amazing images of such formations. The unusual “hand of God” in the new image appears to be heading toward spiral galaxy ESO 257-19 (PGC 21338).

In the case of CG4, a special dark energy camera was used, funded by the US Department of Energy. It was placed on the 4-meter Víctor M. Blanco telescope At the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile. This observatory is part of the National Science Foundation’s NOIRLab program. It is still not clear how these difficult-to-detect clouds acquire their distinctive structure. Experts from NFS NOIRLab reported.

As the researchers note, it is still unclear how this happens Comet globules take such imaginative and expressive forms.

– Astronomers have developed two main ideas about their origin. My first thought is that maybe they were like that originally Nebulae such as the well-known planetary ring nebula — which was then torn apart by a nearby supernova explosion, possibly the primordial explosion that created the Gum Nebula, NFS NOIRLab researchers report. The second theory relates to the formation of comet globules Stellar winds and ionizing radiation Coming from nearby hot massive stars.

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