Putin wants to appoint “a new president for Ukraine.”  Name mentioned

On Tuesday, May 7th. Vladimir Putin was sworn in as President of Russia. Thus he began his fifth term as head of state. He will last six years, making him Russia’s longest-serving leader in more than 200 years.

When taking the oath, Vladimir Putin said that his country belongs to him “Dialogue with the West is not ruled out, but it must take place on an equal footing.” – Reuters writes. He added that Russia is “open” to developing relations with other countries, which he described as the “global majority.”

Let us emphasize that there were no representatives of the United States of America, Great Britain, Canada and most European Union countries at the swearing-in ceremony, Including the Polish ambassador.

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However, other guests arrived in the Kremlin. One of them is Steven Seagal. The actor has been actively supporting the conflict with Ukraine since 2014 and was awarded the Order of Friendship by Vladimir Putin. Ramzan Kadyrov also appeared at the inauguration ceremony.

Vladimir Putin wants to appoint a “new president of Ukraine.” Name mentioned

According to what was reported by “Super Express”, citing the author of the “General SWR” channel on the Telegram application, Vladimir Putin is currently looking for a way Preventing the peace summit on Ukraine scheduled for mid-June in Switzerland.

This raises the question of how Will the President of Russia use the former President of Ukraine?

As he adds: “There are many equally ridiculous proposals, the essence of which boils down to this To try to impose Volodymyr Zelensky’s illegitimacy on the West Viktor Yanukovych was proposed as an alternative.

Source: o2.pl, PAP, Super Express

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