Google is preparing for a revolution in the Polish smartphone market.  “We’ll talk about”

— We are a software company that organizes information on the Internet so that it is useful to the user and we have been doing so for about 25 years. We have also been investing heavily in AI for some time. But now in Poland we will also be talked about as a company working in the smart device industry. Hardware allows us to combine software and artificial intelligence in a unique way, Michel van Eldijk, general manager of Google devices and services, responsible for, among other things, told Rz. For the European region.

The newspaper notes that simultaneously with the start of sales in Poland, Google began sales in the Czech Republic.

Continued article below the video

— The Google Store will offer not only smartphones, but also other devices, initially including headphones and accessories. But the plan aims to gradually expand Google’s product family in the local offering to include smart watches, tablets and other accessories. Ultimately, we want to bring our entire ecosystem of products to Poland, declared Michiel van Eldijk.

Rz, citing the latest research conducted by Canalys, indicates that the smartphone market is recovering from the slowdown. The first quarter of this year brought 10 percent. Sales are increasing all over the world. In Europe, the percentage was 6 percent.

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