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July 21st, 2018

15 Hottest Superhero Movie Babes

If there is one thing that comic books deliver just as much as fantastical adventures its really hot female characters both sexy and empowering but almost always packing some serious cleaveage. Over the years some of our favourite super hero characters have been brought to the big screen including Hulk, Superman, Watchmen and more and this is my look at the 15 Most Epic Moments in Superhero Movie Babes.

Why 15 instead of 20 you ask? Because I got to fifteen and could not think of anymore and was not about to drop any off, besides which I figured you would contribute at least 5 of your own J Lets do this, in no particular order lets get started;

Malin Akerman WATCHMEN: Malin Akerman plays Silk Specter in the watchmen movie and never has a black and yellow jump suit looked so hot. She also is as far as my memory allows in the first nude scene in a comic book movie involving hot and heavy love making! Superheroes need love to and when they look like Malin Akerman we don’t mind looking on. Watchmen was a great film that also managed to piss off scores of die hard fans of the comic including our own Chic who wrote about it in his piece on The Cult of Zack Snyder

Rosario Dawson Sin City: Sin City was a fantastic movie and also somehow convinced Frank Miller he could direct which spiralled out of control in The Spirit which was visually as cool as Sin City but cinematic trash in every other sense of the word. There were a plethora of hot chicks in this film but for me Rosario Dawson stood out. I have always had a huge crush on her and Sin City only made it worse.

Halle Berry Cat Woman: Cat Woman is easily one of the worst conceived comic book remakes and made The Spirit look like Shakespeare. The only redeeming factor of this entire film was Halle Berry in her barely there kitty cat getup and even that could not save this movie from the foul acclaim it now has received from critics, fans and pretty much every living creature on planet earth.

Charlize Theron, Aeon Flux: Aeon Flux was a fun action packed movie with an interesting script and some unique characters that made for a fun time. With all the bad ideas that have come out of MTV this is one of the few good things. By no means a top 10 comic book movie its certainly not the worst either. For an MTV TV Series and Dark Horse Comic Book series its worth checking out… especially since Charlize Theron is in it.

Jennifer Garner, Elektra: Oh how the many ways I despised Elektra. A blatant cash in on the horrible Daredevil movie its one of those wtf movie moments that us comic book fans will not soon forget. If you thought Daredevil was bad starring Ben Affleck, Elektra showed you it really could get worse. Only thing worse would have been having Frank Miller direct! Despite all that the one highlight was Jennifer Garner whom normally I do not find even remotely attractive smoking up the big screen in dark red.

Megan Fox, Transformers: Megan Fox is not my cup of tea since everytime she opens her mouth I throw up a little bit in my own mouth. That doesn’t take away from the fact that she is smoking hot and up until biting the hand that fed her was the star of Transformers 1 and 2. Her next comic book role will be in Fathom which she will not only star in but produce.

Ellen Page, X-Men: I do not know what it is but I have always had a thing for Ellen Page. Her innocent look her on screen persona from X-Men to Juno to Whip It she has the whole girl next door beauty thing down pat. IF Ellen Page is in a movie you can rest assured I will be seeing it for two reasons, her on screen beauty and her obvious talents as an actress. Ellen Page is going to  go far as was shown when she was cast alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception and stole the show.

Angelina Jolie, Wanted: If there is one movie I absolutely loved and consider to be one of the best comic book movies ever made its WANTED. A gritty and hard hitting tale it had a great cast headlined by James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie and a director who really knew how to translate the comic to screen. Angelina Jolie for the most part kept her tattoo’s under wraps in this film but that doesn’t take away from the fact she was smoking hot in Wanted! Wanted 2? Yes please!

Jennifer Connelly, HULK: Ugh… Hulk. The sequel starring Edward Norton had to spend most of its time redeeming the film to comic book fans who felt violated by the original film which starred Eric Bana as the Hulk. The one and only highlight of this horribly written and piss poor directed comic book film was Jennifer Connelly as Banner’s love. She is not just gorgeous but incredibly talented and although her sexuality was kept under wraps she certainly still deserves to land on this list.

Leana Headey, 300: Zach Snyders 300 is the definition of bad ass filmmaking and the kind of movie that every comic book geek oozes for. I loved 300 for its unique visuals, intense action and great screenwriting. As an added bonus Leana Headey stars in a loin cloth and little else! Oh how I wish I was a Spartan if the women looked like Leana does.

Carla Gugino, Watchmen: We already went over how awesome Wanted is and frankly it wouldn’t be right to only have Malin Akerman on the list. Malin is hot but so was her co-star Carla Gugino who played her mom and Silk Spectre number 1. Carla is the definition of hotness and was able to bring a level of exotic beauty to her role in Watchmen.

Jessica Alba Sin City: Jessica Alba in my point of view can not act her way out of a paper bag but that doesn’t change the fact she is hot. Sin City is not her only comic book role since she also played Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four movies but Sin City was the role that reminded us all how sexy she is as she played sexy dance machine Nancy Callahan

Jessica Biel, Blade Trinity: Blade is the definition of bad ass and the movie starring Wesley Snipes was equally fantastic. The first film is one of my favourite comic book movie adaptations and the sequel was just as much fun. Blade Trinity on the other hand, complete and utter garbage. Jessica Biel starred in the most ridiculous role ever clearly put in to up the sex appeal and take the plot into the most weak and trite areas possible. That all said there is no taking away from the fact Jessica Biel is drop dead gorgeous and her character in Blade Trinity was no less smoking. Movie sucks, don’t watch it but Biel was hot!

Milla Jovovich, Ultra Violet: Its odd having Milla on my list for two reasons. Ultra Violet was an ok movie, not great and not bad and Milla Jovovich for whatever reason to me is just not hot. She makes my list because so many of you find her drop dead gorgeous and I am not pig headed, I will put girls on the list for you the readers not just me J Milla Jovovich plays the scifi ass kicking hottie well and Ultraviolet is no exception but for me I will stick with Resident Evil. Has Milla Jovovich and to me is a superior film.

Eva Mendez, Ghost Rider: Well I certainly am not ending this editorial on a cimenatic high by any means. We are going from Ultra Violet right into the abyss with Ghost Rider. Eva Mendes starred in this film opposite Nicolas Cage. I have never managed to make it through Ghost Rider from start to finish but have seen enough of it piece meal to realize that Eva Mendes is hot regardless of how crappy the movie and her character might be and Nicolas Cage should stop playing comic book superheroes and stick to serious acting. ( Perhaps ).


  1. MsNJS

    Not a bad list. I would have to add Rebecca Romijn as Mystique. Despite the ‘Blue, scaley” like skin and yellow eyes she was VERY sexy, very badass too!

  2. Anonymous

    If you had No. 16 you probably would have listed Cameron Diaz in The Mask. Jim Carrey’s tongue didn’t drop to the ground for nothing!

  3. Blistered

    Milla Jovovich & Jessica Biel are the ONLY ones that matter in this little thing you put together. Moron

  4. JanieVicious

    As bad as Spiderman 3 was, Bryce Dallas Howard was fucking hot as Gwen Stacy.

  5. Psychoboyarcadis

    Rebecca romijn as mystique. Alexis blediel as becky sin city. Yancy butler witchblade. Famke janssen jean grey. Anna paguin rogue. Scarlett johansson black widow. Rachel weisz consantine. Pamela anderson barbwire.

  6. FlokBox

    Really? This list is ridiculous. Your use of the term “superhero movies” makes me think you don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t deny that the actresses listed here are attractive, however, the inclusion of some of the films they were in doesn’t qualify them for the list.

    That aside, you even managed to fail when using simple english. Your paragraph describing Malin Akerman you say “Superheroes need love to…” you should really be using “too” in this situation. For someone who is writing reviews and expecting people to read them. Learn to type properly.

    • Cfhdyhcy

      “Your paragraph describing-” 
      Shouldn’t that be “In your paragraph-“?”
      For someone who is writing reviews and expecting people to read them.” You failed to finish that sentence.He may learn to spell, but at least he knows decent sentence structure.

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