Rockstar may be preparing to reveal new GTA 6 textures. Fan curiosity has led to promising clues

8 Bit 2024, 20:05

author: Zuzana Domiradzka

It is possible that Rockstar is preparing to release new textures from GTA 6. Fans have found interesting information indicating this.

The sixth installment of the series grand theft auto It was announced in December last year and since then Rockstar has remained stubbornly silent about the upcoming production. However, this could soon change and we will get more material from the ‘Six’.

Curious fans have analyzed the updated application programming interface (API) for Rockstar’s website They have arrived Up to five new URLs. Although they are not working at the moment, One of them seems to have to do with the title art GTA 6The rest are screenshots or other graphics.

Interestingly, the game’s official website was updated prematurely It includes Information about these new screenshots. However, this was quickly removed by Rockstar, who apparently noticed a lot of interest in these changes from fans.

All this could mean that developers GTA 6 They’re planning to reveal some new gameplay footage, and maybe even a trailer. However, these screenshots may be from the December trailer and we won’t see anything new. Therefore, you have to handle it with caution.

It is worth noting that Take-Two Interactive – which owns Rockstar Games – has planned to hold the event on May 16. interview With investors. It would make a lot of sense to post new material before this event GTA 6But – again – these are just guesses.

Let us remind you that the premiere Grand Theft Auto VI It is scheduled for 2025. The game will only be released on PS5 and XSX/S consoles.

  1. Grand Theft Auto VI – Game Page

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