Zack Snyder has crossed the four-hour mark of “Justice League” in time for his new director's cut.  “It's a 6 hour adventure”
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April 18, 2024, 2:50 p.m

Zack Snyder is known for his love of director's cuts. If you thought the four-hour Justice League movie was long, you haven't heard about the director's plans for an extended version of Rebel Moon.

Image source: Rebel Moon – Part 1: Fire Child, Zack Snyder, Netflix, 2023


Zack Snyder He loves director's cuts. He has served his fans with extended versions of such shows as Justice League whether The guards. guards. He also plans to “fix” the controversial and poorly received order Sucker punch. But if you thought a four-hour segment centered around a group of superheroes was long, it was You'll be surprised by the information on how much time you'll have to devote to watching the special edition Rebellious moon.

In an interview for the magazine Forbes Zack Synder explained that each of the two parts of the director's cut will be three hours long In total, viewers will get a six-hour session. We do not yet know the exact date for the premiere of the shows on Netflix, but – judging by the director’s statement – They will appear simultaneously. some Sources say the extended videos will debut on the platform in the summer.

I wrote one story and split it in half. […] Yes, the director's cut of each segment is three hours long, so if you watch them back to back, You'll get a six-hour adventure. I think it will be good fun and definitely worth it [czasu – dop. red.].

As the creator announced, the director's cut of his work will be “very adult.” Enlarged editions have been received r class, Fans will see bold parts intended for adult viewers.

The immersive experience of watching two films cannot be overstated. In the director's cut it will be more intense due to the additional scenesWhich allows you to see many corners of the world Rebellious moon.

Creative people Rebellious moon They promise that viewers will not only watch the cut portions, but also material recorded specifically for the “adult” version. There will also be the development of a controversial scene, in which the actor involved is afraid of the audience. It is worth noting that Zack Snyder confirmed that Netflix gave him complete freedom to implement his vision of a space opera.

Rebel Moon – Part Two: Dealing with Wounds You can watch it on Netflix From April 19, 2024.

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