Dorociński in the creator of The Last Family.  Gdansk contributed to the film

The first slap has just fallen on the set of “Minghun”. This is the latest project of Jan P. Matuszyński, creator of The Last Family and Leave No Traces. The star of the production, inspired by hits like “21 Grams” and “Parasite,” is Marcin Dorociński. Tricity accents should not be missing on the screen, as 400,000 Gdańsk contributed to PLN from the International Project Film Fund.

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Jan P. Matuszyński needs no special introduction for Polish viewers. Seven years ago, in his directorial debut, he spoke of Zdzisław and Tomasz Beksiński, “The Last Family” I left with Polish Feature Film Festival With Golden Lions. In 2021, the director from Katowice returns to Gdynia with a film “Let there be no trace.”, which focused on the activities of the communist power apparatus in covering up the murder of Grzegorz Przemyk. This time, Matuszyński was awarded the Silver Lions.

Now the director, also known from the “Król” and “Wataha” series, has just started working on another film project. “Minghun” is meant to be a story about dealing with trauma and working through mourning after the loss of a loved one. herb (Marcin Dorochinsky(after the death of her daughter with her father-in-law Ben)Daxing Chang), decides to perform the Chinese ritual “Minghun”, which means marriage after death. In search of mutual solace after the loss of loved ones, the two men embark on a metaphorical and emotional journey into their own.

– The topic of spirituality, religion, or transcendence is dealt with in an original way that does not reflect triviality and is devoid of clear connotations. It is also a story about love, not directly, but at the same time “Minghun” is not devoid of romance. It’s also a very interesting relationship between the guys – Jerzy and his father, Ben, who also comes from a different cultural background, which gives room for interesting conversations, and therefore scenes – that’s how he talks about his latest work. project Jean B. Matusinsky.

Grzegorz Łoszewski’s screenplay is a combination of the original script ConceptEmotional depth, but also a certain dose of humor. The premise is that sensitive and moving cinema must not avoid subtle irony, as exemplified by Matuszynski’s directorial inspiration.

– I have many associations with this project – from the movie “Parasite”, which combines existential heaviness with lightness of story and space for humor, through Kieślowski’s films, to some elements from Michael Mann’s filmography, which despite the genre, often deeply explores issues of loneliness And the inevitable, or finally the notable films about loss, such as “21 Grams” by Alejandro González Iñárritu or “The Life Hidden in Words” by Isabel Koixet – adds the director of “Minghun”.

The star of the production is Marcin Dorociński, who has recently had a dizzying career. They recently visited Tri-City cinemas “Dangerous Gentlemen”and the latest episode of the “Mission: Impossible” series awaiting its premiere. In “Dead Reckoning,” the Polish actor will star alongside Tom Cruise. In Minghun, Dorociński will partner with Daxing Zhang, a Hollywood actor of Chinese descent, who played, among others, in The Matrix and Charlie’s Angels. The cast is complemented by representatives of the younger generation of actors: Natalie Boy And Antique Sztaba.

400,000 PLN from Gdańsk as part of the Gdańsk Film Fund

The budget of Jan P. Matuszyński’s new film exceeds PLN 8 million. Gdansk contributes to this amount. It was “Minghun” that received the largest funding from the first edition of the competition organized by the Gdańsk Film Fund. The city allocated a total of PLN 400,000 to the international project. zlotys.

Will he follow her? Promote Gdansk On the big screen? This can be expected at least, because the main criterion for co-financing films is to tie the production of the film to Gdańsk – as the location of the film, thematically, through the participation of artists and entrepreneurs from Gdańsk, and locally planned expenditures.

At the moment it is not known if Marcin Dorociński and the rest of the “Minghun” film crew will finally come to the Motława River. Partially cast in the United States, United Kingdom, and France. The characters are supposed to communicate in Polish, English and Chinese. Neither the producers from the Wonder Films studio nor the distributor, such as Kino Świat, have disclosed the exact release date yet. It is likely that viewers will have the opportunity to see the production next year, although it is possible that Minghun will appear in 2023. At a festival, possibly in Gdynia.

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