June 9, 2023


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Brave Bieniuk and "Grandma" Sykut-Jeżyna at the premiere of "Czarny Młyn"

Brave Bieniuk and “Grandma” Sykut-Jeżyna at the premiere of “Czarny Młyn”

The film industry is gaining momentum after the pandemic recession. In the coming weeks, we will have several interesting premieres, including productions”black Mel “Mel” directed by Marius Palij, which was shown in Warsaw on August 24. The event was attended by many celebrities, including. Oliwia BieniukAnd Paulina Sekut- JeżynaAnd Rafai MrugicAnd Joanna Rasewicz, Jerzy Milewski, Marius Szczygelski, Karolina Chacow, Michai Bartkevich, Magdalena Rozaska, Marcin Mrozek and Bartosz Obošović. We bring you selected styles of stars from the Warsaw event.

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Stars at the premiere of “Czarny Młyn”

Oliwia Bieniuk appeared on the red carpet in a quick, neon style. Participate in the next sessionDancing with the stars“She chose a bold, oversize ensemble in contrasting colors – dark blue and blue. The daughter of Bieniuk and Przybylska chose brown shoes of an unusual shape for the whole ensemble. Although the courage deserved recognition, the size of the clothes did not quite complement the proportions of the young star.

Polina Sekut-Gezina also presented herself in an unusual outfit. The presenter wore a creamy black shirt ruffled dressWhich is somewhat reminiscent of modern fiction about grandma skirt…we’re not totally impressed with its design. Joanna Racewicz focused on the sporty image, though still in an elegant tone.

Małgorzata KożuchowskaKouchowska cares about balance. Stronger makeup at work, and a frying pan version at leisure

Celebrity style from the premiere Movie You can find the “black mill” in our gallery. Which one do you prefer more?

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