The debut of a young actress from Kęty on the big screen.  She starred in a crime comedy

actually November 8 The premiere of the new crime comedy film titled “Luca’s secret“. She played one of the main roles in it Marta moa beautiful young actress from Katestudent Theater Academy in Warsaw. This is her first appearance in a feature film. The actress has so far played in theatre, TV series and independent cinema.

The creators of “The Secret of Łuki” used the Podlasie legend about the treasure that was supposedly once buried on the banks of the Naryo River. It becomes the seed of a multi-threaded plot with many plot twists. The film contains a criminal mystery and many funny situations. There is also a love story. In short, there’s a lot of good entertainment in store. Marta Mu plays Zosia in “Tajemnica Łuki”, who comes to a lakeside tourist center to earn money for her studies.

A series of events complicate matters to the point that the girl decides to change her profession, in addition to becoming involved in a criminal conspiracy. An ordinary vacation trip to work turns into a very complicated story. Most importantly, Zosia is a somewhat inconspicuous character. Although she may appear ethereal, she also has an edgy side – says Marta Moss about her role in the film. The young actress starred in it alongside famous film actors and others Dorota Chotica and Radosław Pazora. He directed the photo Pyotr Dolinsky.

Marta mo She has spent most of her life so far in kitty. She lived there until she graduated from high school Bielsko-Biawa. Then she left her hometown, but still came there to visit her loved ones. Her artistic path also started in Kęty.

There I started taking my first steps on stage. I was part of the theater groups Minus Jedno and Antrakt, and participated in various projects in the Oświęcim region as an actress, singer or director. It was a very intense time. I don’t know how the situation is now, but the municipality of Kiti has invested a lot in young people and young artists. She has performed in numerous vocal competitions, including in Oświęcim, Brzeszcze and Kraków. There was also a lot going on at Middle School No. 1, which I attended, and earlier in Elementary School. My Czech teacher, Ms. Malgorzata, introduced me to the world of theatre – recalls Marta Moss.

The actress works with The drama theater that bears his name is Jerzy Szaniawski in Walbrzych She played in various series, including: “Client. Detective office“,”Secrets of love“,”I like love” And “Fear zone“. He also does dubbing and voice-over work, works in a puppet theater, and holds acting workshops. He played several roles in short films for Polish and foreign independent cinema. Every day is full of work and study, because Marta Moss has not yet graduated from the Theater Academy. He is now in His fifth year.

The film “Tajemnica Łuki” will be shown in cinemas in our region next year.

Photo: From the archives of Marta Moss.

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