May 30, 2023


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Magdalena Stpie candidly about Jacob Rzynicak's connection to her son.  "I do everything I can"

Magdalena Stpie candidly about Jacob Rzynicak’s connection to her son. “I do everything I can”

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about breakup Magdalena Stepbe Jakub Rzeźniczak wrote about all modes of show business. After time, the model coped with unpleasant experiences, although, apart from the breakup of the relationship, she also had to face single motherhood. However, over time, she overcame all obstacles and focused on herself and the little one.

Magdalena Stobio, Mavashon, Natalia SiwickThese stars showed how their bodies changed after giving birth: Siwiec, Maffashion et al

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Magda Stobic: I will not pressure the man to “propose me because there is a child” [PLOTKERSI]

Magdalena Stobio organized a questions and answers. The fans took advantage of the opportunity

Recently, Magdalena you will stay Organized question and answer. Internet users took the opportunity and decided to touch on the topic of Jakub Rzezniczak. One observer was tempted to ask Magda if she would return to the player.

This will never happen. But I think he will, I will never go back.

Magdalena StobicMagdalena Stupic talks about her son’s baptism and an exorcist’s visit

Another fan wanted to know more about Stępień’s mental health.

Yes, I finished the treatment, but I will tell you more about it when I finish the treatment. I have completely isolated myself from what was having a negative effect on me and I feel fine.

Observers did not hesitate to inquire about Rzhinchak’s contacts with his son.

Until I was baptized, I did everything in my power to keep Oleuka in touch with my father. But everything that happened after his baptism changed a lot.

The fans pulled the thread.

How would you not want to be in contact with such a wonderful child. Do you feel sorry for that?

Magdalena replied:

Perhaps this question should not be for me. I have no regrets.

In the end, Stupich commented on the fact that her son was named after his father.

Some decisions were made when the baby wasn’t in the world yet, and now we’re not going to turn back time.

We hope that Magda will find true love.

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