March 31, 2023


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Young pensioner will earn more - Biznes w INTERIA.PL

Young pensioner will earn more – Biznes w INTERIA.PL

From December 1, after achieving an income above PLN 3960.20 (ie 70% of the average monthly salary), the benefit will be reduced, and after exceeding PLN 7,354.50 (130% of the average monthly salary), the benefit will be reduced. her comment.

By the end of November, these limits were lower and amounted to 3,853.20 PLN and 7155.90 PLN, respectively. As a result, working retirees will now be able to add more to the benefits they receive. This is the effect of the increase in the average salary. According to GUS data, in the third quarter of 2021 it amounted to PLN 5657.30, which is PLN 152 more than in the previous quarter (5504.52 PLN).

3960.20 PLN is the limit beyond which the benefit is reduced

PLN 7354.50 is the limit beyond which the feature is suspended

However, the above restrictions on earning do not apply to all beneficiaries. Let us remember that pensioners, that is, people who have reached the age of 60 (women) and 65 (men), can earn more benefits that they receive, regardless of the amount of their income. The restrictions also do not apply to those receiving war-disabled pensions, and to military disabled persons whose inability to work is related to military service.

So, who should care about the new limits to earn extra money, other than retirees who haven’t yet reached the right age? Those who receive a subsidy to the minimum pension in the new pension system should be careful. If their income from employment exceeds the amount of the increase, the allowance for that period will be paid without this additional fee.

Similar rules for earning extra money apply to retirees. The situation is different in the case of a social pension – it is suspended after exceeding 3960.20 PLN.

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The latest GUS data show that population aging is already visible in the pension system. Only in 2020, pensions were received on average per month (from the same non-agricultural system) 8.2 million people, i.e. 1 percent. more than the previous year. The increase in the number of people receiving retirement and disability benefits from ZUS was recorded in all counties. The largest increases were recorded in the following counties: Podlaskie (by 2.1%), Lubelskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie (by 1.6%), Mazowieckie and Wielkopolskie (by 1.4%). The lowest is in Śląskie (by 0.3%) and Małopolskie (by 0.8%).

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